Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gears of War Fan Art Story

I got really inspired by Epic's game Gears of War and created the above hand painted artwork. Soon I've been told by Epic Games Inc. to take it off my website and also to destroy the original. The "destroy painting immediately" part was a bit harsh but the rest was somewhat fair considering the painting was up for auction.
The story appeared on, I received support from community and fun drawings. Some of the quotes:

The guys artwork is pretty damn good (I like how he paints tree’s) and it seems that his soft spot for video games has gotten him in a bit of trouble. Cmon Epic, you guys should be proud that your game has inspired quality artwork.


Take a look at the awesome creation above. This hand-painted acrylic masterwork was created by Pavel Dolgov. Within days of releasing images of his baby to the Internet, he has already received a very crude warning from Epic Games requesting that he either destroy the piece, or send it to them.


I for one smell a collectible item and should Pavel be reading this we feel the painting would look great in the MobyGames offices and Epic need not be the wiser.


Mr. Rein's official reply.

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  1. Ahhhhhh you were the one with the Gears painting Epic loved so much? :-p
    It's too bad you had to destroy that painting. It was awesome.