Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Newest Art Influence: Craig Mullins

I simply can't stop gazing at pages of this artist's portfolio. The impressive part is that Craig Mullins is the master of all media, he has strong traditional art background and he does stunning digital art for gaming and move productions. He did matte paintings and illustrations for the following titles: The Matrix Revolutions, Armageddon, Apollo 13, Need for Speed, Marathon, Halo and many other (in fact he is legendary in the Bungie community).

From what I learned, Mullins was introduced to digital art back in 1987, then he entered the digital age with the purchase of 33MHz Apple Quadra 700 with 36 MB RAM in 1993. He started from scanning his hand drawn sketches and editing them on an early version of Photoshop. I appreciate the ease and power of today's technology providing tools for all types of artists. My current expansion to digital medium has now became a passion. I'm sure Craig Mullins' art will inspire you too:

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Halo ©Bungie Studios and Microsoft
All artwork in this post ©Craig Mullins