Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thanking Friends

Now starting my blog I would like to use opportunity to thank all my friends who supported me for the last few years. I met hundreds of wonderful people through my art business and I wish I could include all of them in this post. Let's start with gaming art:

Thanks to Chris Erickson owner of for discovering my art on the Internet and further supporting me in the world of gaming business until present day (someone make this guy an MVP for all he does for community), to John Porcaro from Microsoft for bringing it to the world, to Brian Crecente for constantly highlighting my art on one of the most popular gaming blogs, to Richard Windsor from Aeropause for posting most positive reviews of my art, to Zeus from Maxconsole for bringing me business, to Louis Wu for constantly keeping an eye on my Halo inspired art.. and to guys from for keeping the gameplay fun and friendly.

Edit: special thanks to Gino D. for his article about my Halo 3 faceplate []

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