Friday, April 20, 2007

Video: Painting Xbox 360 Faceplate In 3 Steps

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If you are looking to customize your Xbox 360 console with art (perhaps giving your new shiny Xbox 360 Elite a personal paint touch) you may find my how to video useful. I made it instructional and a bit entertaining. The idea may not be new but it would help new console owners. That faceplate paint job was commissioned by one of my clients from U.K. who wanted a particular scene from Capcom game Dead Rising. All of my faceplates are hand painted and come signed and numbered. Check them: [faceplates] and [fan album]

The 3 steps are:

  1. Preparation: sand the surface first with #180 and #220A sandpaper, then mask the power button with vinyl application tape and cut the shape of the ring of light and the power simbol with X-acto knife (you can mask the infrared port before sanding). Prime with 4000 series base coat sealer (from airbrush paints) and let dry. [pic]
  2. Painting: it's all yours, make styled graphics with aerosol spray or paint cool art with acrylic paints. [pic]
  3. Finishing: remove tape from the ring of light, clean around the button and apply 2-3 coats of Krylon Clear Glaze in a steady motion 10-12 inches from surface in well ventilated area. Make sure you wear filter mask . Let dry, unmask the infrared port and enjoy your artwork! [pic]

Brief history:

It all started in early 2006 when Live user 'altdelete47' came up with the idea of bringing my wall gaming art onto a hardware. My first custom faceplate was born and thanks to Brian Crecente it later saw the world on Kotaku. I'd like to say painting faceplates is not really profitable for me in terms of the price vs. hours and the fact that I'm setting the bar high in painting realistic images, but it lets me meet many wonderful people and inspire other creative members of community to express themselves. That makes me happy. Thanks to all editors of their respectful websites, who have highlighted my faceplate art in the past year:

[],[], [], [], [], [], [], []

You can order your own custom faceplate at


  1. Awesome video. Thanks for the info.

  2. wow amazing. do you know anywhere where i can gt this done to my 360 and how much would it cost?

    cna you please e-mail me at



  3. Awesome job man. I'd love to get something from you. Maybe if I run into a $100 lying on the ground.

    But yeah, very nice.

  4. Hey that is a nice art skill u got there it was very nice and i loved the little details u made

  5. im only 12 and i am obsessed with customizing my faceplates,so far i have only used spray paint(as i dont have much to work with)Your video inspired me to keep being creative with my work, and was also very helpful.


  6. Thanks Ben, keep up with good work

  7. You are so lucky. i am getting an X box 360 for my 12th b day and i wans wonderin if i could buy 1 off u for 20-40 bux?

    i did not copy and paste this and it is my b day in 6 days

  8. nice your a nice artist. I was wonderin on how to paint my 360 and your video came up on the web nice.

  9. Love your art dude, awesome job! I think you should paint hole xbox 360 cases, you would have much more room for your art on 2 sides of cases! well see ya!

  10. Im gonna paint my 360 case a metallic green, do u know what type of primer and paint i should use??? email me at, thanks

  11. That is amazing. I tried cutting out the shape of the power symbol and ring of light similar to what you showed, but it didn't seem to work for me. How did you do it? email is

    much appreciated


  12. I used the one that came with it...idea because when the Xbox broke, they wanted the faceplate too...But I didnt send it which was ok...anyways i painted mine and it has a rough feel and it has black and green rings all over it. It was fun to do.

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