Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rocking with Gamerscore Blog Microsoft Team - Toronto Event

Microsoft Games Global Marketing team from is on the road with GSB Road Show '07, meeting community members in different cities across North America. It's by invitation only so I felt really honored to personally meet and play with people who make our Xbox 360 experience happen. Thanks to John Porcaro, Chris Paladino, and Tony Hynes for a great party last night in Toronto. Open bar, Guitar Hero II, getting to know community members, playing pre-released games on huge HDTVs made the event unforgettable (Forza 2, Shadowrun, Halo2 PC, Project Sylpheed, Guitar Hero II, Mad Tracks, Undertow, Track and Field).

Girls like to drive sexy cars (Forza 2):

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LISTEN to audio from the venue including myself talking about faceplate art and how to get wives/girlfriends into gaming:

[MP3 File: 9.5 MB, 28 minutes] via Gamerscore Blog Podcast