Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Xbox 360 Overheating - Don't let It Happen

While waiting for a replacement from Microsoft I've drawn quick aerodynamic sketch (above) to see how I would prevent my next console from overheating. My temporary office is a busy place. These devices are usually powered On all at the same time, no wonder why xbox 360 showed the red ring of death. I bought the Intec G8646 stand fan to go under console and the standard fan for the room to improve air flow. I haven't received Intec G8646 yet to give opinion, you can check it on: eBay

There's a Wikipedia page about this problem: [Xbox 360 Technical Problems]


  1. Bummer about the RRoD, man. I'm lucky to not have had that issue yet (knocks on wood). I've kept my 360 in the open and I've heard if you keep the power brick elevated (on some books or something) it helps keep the power supply from getting too hot.

  2. Yeah, it was a hot day and the game was freezing every minute. I should've just turn it off and save the hassle. Now I know the limits of this hardware, when to stop and let cool down.

  3. Hey pavel my 360 overheated too when it was about 26 celsius outside.
    i fixed it myself though with the help of this page.

    BTW , which paint is it u use on 360 faceplates :D

  4. Hey Ryan, thanks for link! I use acrylics from art store

  5. The sad reality is that XBOX 360 consoles are really having issues with the hardware inside them. I have personally experienced a comically large list of problems: (3) 3 red lights 0020, (2) with disc read error e74, (2) DOA with error e64, several with random audio and video-related issues and one that actually exploded with a faulty PSU. This guide helped me so I didn't have to wait 6 weeks and it saved me some money on the one that was out of warranty how to fix xbox 360 e74 error