Sunday, April 8, 2007

5 Gears of War Weapons Tutorial Videos

The youtube user 'nismojoe' who seems to record every minute of his skilled gameplay regularly uploads his stunning montages. Whether you play GOW multiplayer from day one or you just got the game and want to catch up you will definitely learn something new about your weapons from those videos (like taking that perfect headshot with the sniper rifle by feeling the target rather than aiming) I'm sure we all had great shots but the fact that he nicely puts them in continues timeline makes them easy to watch and learn. (just a reminder - active reloads only last 10 seconds)

Gears of War special weapons:

1. [sniper rifle]
2. [boomshot]
3. [torque bow]
4. [hammer of dawn]
5. [grenades]

P.S. (that enhanced Crimson Omen avatar is a little creation of mine, feel free to use, just remember Epic doesn't like it).

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