Thursday, April 12, 2007

Covino and Rich "The Show" On Maxim Radio Sirius 108

Photo: Steve Covino, Fergie, Rich Davis at Maxim Super Bowl XLI Party in Miami.

If you are on the market for satellite radio (Sirius vs. XM) then look no further. Maxim, the best magazine for men, has expanded to a radio format on Sirius. My studio time flies by while listening to "The Show" by Covino and Rich. Those highly professional national radio personalities from New York talking about what the Maxim lifestyle is all about and how you can maintain your game and date hot ladies. It all comes from personal experience, they actually go out and live the life, interviewing A-list celebrities and most gorgeous women, covering the biggest events like Super Bowl Party in Miami so their topics are always fresh and relevant to what you really want to hear. Mixed with humor, parody songs and listeners' calls it makes an all around great show. Tune your satellite receiver to channel 108 at 3pm-7pm Eastern if you haven't done so or sign up for a free 3-day online trial at

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Fan website: []

oh .. and this month's issue Fergielisious Maxim cover girl. Would you?


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