Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Second Life Virtual Girl Makes Maxim Hot 100 List

Here's another proof of gaming going mainstream phenomenon. Maxim's highly anticipated annual Hot 100 list of stunning (real) women included a virtual hottie from Second Life video game. On the radio Maxim directors said that they had to acknowledge the interests of multi-million user virtual community. From Hot 100 list editors:
Second Life—a 3-D virtual world that’s imagined, created, and owned by its online residents—was launched in 2003 and now boasts nearly five million inhabitants around the globe. Never taken part in the nerdfest? Isn’t she reason enough?
LISTEN to Maxim radio talking about Second Life avatar placement in Hot 100:
[MP3 File: 2.42 MB, 2.39 minutes]

Too bad she wouldn't be able to attend the 2007 Hot 100 party by Maxim tonight in New York so we could see nice red carpet shots of her. (by the way it's 9 pm Eastern, the party is about to start, more event pics will pop up)

#95. Second Life Girl [maximonline]

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