Saturday, May 7, 2011

[Mod] Call of Pripyat Complete

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    Version 1.0.2 (728MB)

Call of Pripyat Complete is the third entry in the Complete mod series, which is a set of modifications created by professional artists dedicated to enhancing the production quality of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. The Complete mods emphasize on improving the original graphics, sound, and atmosphere of each game while preserving the core game elements.

Built upon the success of Stalker Complete 2009, which was downloaded by one in every five S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl players, this entry in the Complete mod series is the cumulative culmination of the series’ achievements in aesthetically updating the game without introducing unnecessary or gameplay-redefining features.

Designed to meet the desires of new players and veterans alike, Call of Pripyat Complete unleashes the full potential of the latest, most climactic chapter in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the Complete mod series.

Official Trailer:

[Soundcloud] Call of Pripyat Complete Theme Mp3 (1.3MB)

Call of Pripyat Complete Overview:

Version 1.0.2 by Artistpavel

The weather system in this mod is constructed out of two primary components: the classic Complete Weather that has put this series on pages of magazines, and the popular and widely acclaimed AtmosFear massive weather overhaul by Cromm Cruac, effectively making it the biggest graphical collaboration in the game series’ history. Featuring incredible diversity in weather conditions and landscapes varying between game areas, the graphical enhancements include:

  • Distant scenery texturing and an increased actor visual distance that put the player in the middle of a large open world, rather than the previously “enclosed” map
  • 11 dynamic weather cycles (compared to only four in the base game) including a unique probability factor for each different game environment area
  • 26 Complete Weather and 123 AtmosFear new photorealistic sky cube textures
  • Authentic scenery recreation using our original photographs of the Russian industrial town of Mednogorsk, which represents how Pripyat once was
  • The Jupiter and Pripyat game areas feature the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Limansk radar and the Red Forest Brainscorcher visible on the horizon line
  • High resolution nighttime constellation map and full moon
  • Dynamic Depth of Field that changes according to weather conditions
  • AtmosFear Emission sequence with dramatic scenery and a complex shockwave particle system

The included Absolute Nature and Absolute Structures texture packs solve the game’s most noticeable visual shortcoming: overall blurry textures and noticeable grass pop-in. With over a thousand new and reworked original textures (with gradual sharpening of separate MIP map levels in every texture), the game environment remains sharp as it fades in the distance. These texture packages have been customized and further edited to
match the rest of the Complete series’ art style. The most noticeable enhancements include:

  • Sharpened metal and concrete structures, effectively changing the way the much of the game appears
  • Color corrected ground and foliage textures designed to be unique for each game area
  • Reworked foliage and terrain, making the grass draw line less noticeable
  • Detailed texturing for most weapons
  • Refined human and mutant body textures
  • New, detailed textures such as smoldering firewood, leaves, sand and stones
  • Vehicles are now retextured to appear realistically rusted and abandoned

The artificial intelligence has been greatly improved, giving NPCs new abilities such as:

  • Weapon Selection - NPCs are now able to determine the best weapon for the situation based on the number of rounds they have left for their weapon and distance to target, switching appropriately.
  • Using Add-Ons - NPCs are able mount add-ons, such as scopes, silencers, and grenade launchers, and use them accordingly.
  • Armoring Allies – NPCs can now be equipped with player-selected weapons by either dropping them by or selling to them to NPCs. To ensure NPCs continue using their new weapons be sure to also sell or drop by them ammunition for the weapon, which then acts as an infinite ammunition supply.
  • Friendly Fire - NPCs avoid friendly fire, and they will even stop firing and switch positions if their allies get caught in it.
  • Melee - NPCs use melee attacks with rifle butts and knifes when the opposition gets close enough.
  • Self-Healing - NPCs are able to heal themselves by using Medkits if hurt badly and apply bandages when bleeding.
  • Reloading - NPCs are able to reload their weapons when needed.
  • Stealth - Actor footsteps, knife use, silenced weapons, and the sounds of fallen bodies won't alert nearby enemies unless they are observed.

Since S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat is the most stable title released in the series, it naturally doesn't require extensive bug fixing. However, there are some remaining bugs and glitches that have been eliminated:

  • Unreachable Stashes Fix - Makes the unreachable stashes (such as items that are wedged or stuck in environmental geometry) accessible.
  • Jupiter Scanners Fix - Fixes the bug where the player could place the initial three anomaly scanners into the two additional anomaly fields that scanners aren’t supposed to be put in until later, which caused errors in the mission’s completion.
  • X8 Burers Fix - Fixes a bug in scripting that gives the three Burers in the X8 secret room extremely large health regeneration (which made them virtually invincible).
  • One Shot Fix - Fixes a potential game lockup during the One Shot mission cutscene.
  • Helmet Fix - The actor’s helmet in third person view now matches the one equipped.
  • Crow Fix – Fixed excessive crow spawning, eliminating the masses of crows that would occur after repeated quickloading.
  • PKM Ironsight Fix - Enables the use of ironsights on PKM machine gun.
  • Berill-5M Fix - Allows Berill-5M armored suite to be upgraded.
  • Bodies Cleaner - Removes creature bodies at certain time intervals, reducing their unnecessary presence in the environment and improving the game engine’s performance.

Since the game was made by a foreign studio, quite a few language related errors in dialogue, translation, and text in the English localization exist. As with the first game in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, misspelled words, typos, grammatical errors, and humor lost in translation can be charming at times given the context, but create unnecessary difficulty in understanding their meaning. Numerous typos and grammatical mistakes have been corrected, and most of the conversation text has been changed to make more sense and read better to English speaking players. Some parts of the user interface have also been changed to be more internally consistent, and as a bonus the subtitle timing during the intro and outro sequences has been altered to sync with the audio.

We are proud to introduce the work by a special guest, internationally acclaimed sound designer and composer Michael "sQwurm" Tornabene, known for his work for games, films, TV, and media exhibitions around the world. His contributions include new sounds for creatures, anomalies, doors, a reworked footstep sound system, and more. Improvements to ambient sounds are done in Imperialreign’s Ambient Audio Overhaul, and each map now includes a sound theme that varies between night and day. Also, all weapon sounds have been replaced with comprehensive analogues. All of the new sounds have been integrated into the game without removing the original sounds unique to the game, ensuring a superior audio experience aligned with the Complete mod’s vision.

Call of Pripyat Complete introduces over a hundred acoustic guitar and vocal songs, with 23 new compositions added. New guitar tracks have been added to the existing campfire music sets. This live music was recorded specifically for this game, creating an unforgettable ambience.

Putting the fate of NPCs unfortunately caught in an emission wave in the player’s hands, you can decide if they will turn into zombies to satisfy all your zombie killing pleasure! This feature is brought to you by AtmosFear, and is selected during the installation. Players can choose whether NPCs will be killed upon contact of the advancing emission wave, at its end (as in the base game), explode, or turned into zombies.

  • Real Weapon Names - All in game weapons now are labeled after their real life counterparts.
  • NPC Variation - Adds new NPC models and skins in the gameworld, increasing the variety.
  • The Wish Granter - Activated via the ESC+F1 keyboard shortcut, a hidden interface designed to let you spawn items, place anomalies, characters, mutants and much more on the map is at the player’s fingertips. You can essentially build the game around your preferences through this interface (this feature can be toggled on and off, see User Manual for details).
  • Sleeping Bag - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat features a newer native sleeping mechanic. The fans of the traditional Complete series’ sleeping bag won't find it in the actor's inventory, but will be able to purchase it from traders, and in rare cases, find it on NPCs.
  • Loot Money - Players will be able to randomly collect small amounts of money from dead NPCs. The collection will be indicated with a coin sound effect and the amount will be shown by an on-screen alert.
  • Absolute Scopes - Improves the scope system to be similar to those used in most modern FPS games.
  • Breakable Bulbs - Lights can now break by being shot or by nearby explosions, changing the ambient environment.
  • Elite Nightvision - Improves the green and black & white night vision.
  • Teleport - Allows the player to jump between points in the environment with the ability to save custom location coordinates for future use.

With the new user interface update, skipping through introductory movies isn’t necessary. The HUD colors have been muted to not be distracting, and the inventory window is now semi-transparent, which allows the player to view the weapon currently being equipped. The HUD also features new hitmark and mutant scratch textures authored by our studio. Also, the ESC+S shortcut from the other Complete mods is added, which
works like a “smart quick-save”, creating a separate save file with level name, in-game date, and timestamp each time it’s used.


A collection showcasing enhanced weather, textures, and environments: [Flickr]

Click to download
   Version 1.0.2 (728MB)

[Call of Pripyat Complete User Manual] (.pdf)

Get the latest updates on [Facebook][Twitter][Moddb]

The mod features two installation versions to choose between:

 Normal - A well balanced combination of graphical features designed to stay within the original game's system requirements. This version is recommended for most systems to ensure a trouble-free gaming experience, especially if using 32-bit Windows, a laptop, or only moderate hardware.

 Advanced - Offering a greater variety in weather conditions and NPC appearances, this version is designed to take full advantage of high performance 64-bit systems with 4GB or more of system memory and at least 1GB of GPU memory. Select this version if you have an enthusiast-level system and are comfortable with significantly increasing the system resource demand.

You may change which mod version you have at any time through uninstalling & then reinstalling the mod. However, while the Normal version saves are compatible with the Advanced version, the Advanced version saves are not compatible with the Normal version.

Please refer to CoP Complete thread on [GSC Forums] for support.

The Stalker Complete series:
[STALKER Complete 2009]


The User Manual contains a comprehensive credit list with references to all authors involved in the project. Huge thanks to everybody in the Stalker modding community.


  1. Yayyyyy, this is splendid news! I'm almost done with the vanilla version, so I will truly get to appreciate the work put into this.

  2. Awesome! I just finished SoC with Complete 2009 and I can't wait for this!

  3. I guess once this is done it'll give me impetus to play all 3 games with their Complete versions. :)

    Still working on the vanilla game and it's a well-polished game indeed- all that needed removing was the headbob and the FOV.

  4. Now all I need is a decent vidoe card so I can max this baby out when it arrives.

  5. I can't wait til you release this, although Call of Pripyat is great vanilla.. The only thing that really bugs me is the amount of bleeding that shows when you shoot something. It's almost cartoonish. Any way to lessen the blood?

  6. Hah, that's the way isn't it? I've just finished Call of Pripyat again last night - this time with my new GTX285 OC. With settings at max the game cranks. I'll see what modifications the COP MOD makes and toss up whether or not to replay again at some stage.

    I have Clear Sky Complete 1.1.1. and was just about to start replaying. What does 1.1.2 add and is there a patch to take me to it or do I need to download the new updated MOD file?

    Really well done on the MODS. Fantastic work.

  7. Pavel..You are the man. Devs should hire you.. Their graphics is sucky as

  8. Excellent news - the vanilla game is absolutely horrible, runs bad and looks even worse.

  9. HOo-RAay!!! That's what I was hoping for when I surfed here! I absolutely loved SoC Complete 2009.

  10. Congrats to your Clear Sky and SOC Complete releases, both were top-notch. I think Call of Pripyat is the title that is in the biggest need for some graphical upgrading since it is very demanding and not very good looking. There's a ton of graphical mods in stalker filefront website, including a bunch of great ones like:
    - increased foliage density and added foliage and grass textures
    - much better terrain textures with inpact on LOD
    - some color correction tweaks
    - increased vision distance tweak
    - enhanced textures from CS
    - new skybox textures

    If you could include these in your upcoming mod, I and many others would be very grateful!

  11. Do you have an aproximate ETA for the first Pripyat Complete Mod? I dn't want to bug you that much. LOL

  12. any update? when will this be out?

  13. Hey guys, this going to take a few months, I'm cooperating with a number of modders and the results should be great, check back by the end of the summer for first updates.

  14. man... cannot wait so long! just make it great, ok? you're number one. Ari

  15. The devs should indeed hire you. Have you considered applying for a job at GSC? :P

  16. no problem in waiting over the summer, just make it worth the wait

  17. It really amazes me, the depth of peoples ignorance for GRAMMAR and SPELLING.

    Other than that, Artistpavel, your modifications of the Stalker games are absolutely second to none.

    Keep up the great work.

  18. Thanks for working on this, your mods are brilliant. I have a special request for CoP Complete: please put more mutants and more random firefights into the game. The original CoP was very unbalanced in this sense, as I often found myself running around for miles without firing a shot.
    The freeplay after the ending was also useless in the original version, as there was really nothing much to do after the choppers took off.
    p.s. it would also be great to introduce a faction war, like in CS, but that might be pushing it...
    Thanks! =)

  19. My major request right now is better weapon sounds in CoP. They sound very muffled, and apparently this a common complaint. Anyone have a suggestion for the best sound pack to fix this?

  20. The faction war is possible, I dont know how to do it but it has been done in other stalkers before. For the faction war you just need to set up base camps and turn on or off the a-life and the rest does itself, I think though add the ability to actually join a faction too would be nice.

  21. This is gonna be so legit~ . I just got bought Call of Pripyat on Steam instead of Resident Evil 5 for $12.50 just to experience the Complete mod.

  22. @ AydinTabag
    if you want faction wars for the storyline, forget it because ArtistPavel only enhances the game without changing the core elements but anyway i think there is no way/reason for faction wars because there is only 1 base on each map and the npcs are not that many as in the clear sky so sorry no faction wars :D (but who knows maybe ArtistPavel will do some kind of miracle in the freeplay mode)

  23. There is a Achievement in Call of Pripyat that is called "Marked by the Zone" and you need to survive 3 times an emission without taking cover (you need to take the new anabiotics drugs to survive from them) to earn the achievement.
    This achievement also seems to remove the "distant voices" from the background music so please dont change that achievement because it is my favorite :D

  24. Pavel, would you be willing to share with us how much more money you need to finish this mod, so people like me can more accurately donate to get you funded. Its one think to just throw a couple dollars here and there to you, but if we had a ball park it would be easier for us to set a goal.

  25. Will I be able to use high resolution textures with my 32-bit OS? This ruined Call of Pripyat for me, visually speaking of course.

  26. @Master

    I dont really mind im familiar with the other complete mods however I was thinking, like it should kick in after free play, because free play was kind of borign after a while with nothing to do. So I thought making these factions all sorta pop up once the other stalkers enter pripyat it would make sense.

  27. Thank you forever for all the brilliant work. Just installed CoP but cannot be bothered to play it before you guys release your complete. Currently playing CS Complete and loving it and after installing CoP and trying it out it felt so bland compared to your work. Pripyat will have to wait until you're done.
    Thanks again. You made me a S.T.A.L.K.E.R-freak :)

  28. you can probably add in the bases by just locking at the places which already there and there are a lot of sutebel places to tern in to bases as well as that the which granter thing from the cs mod was excellent and hopefully it will be brought to the cop as well but the idea of a faction war would be epic/asum. i hope you pic up on some of these request and even if these are not sum thing that occurs in the mod i know it's gonna be superb just lick all your other mod's. PS grate work on the cs mod.

  29. Any ETA for Beta release?

    Just finished the game today and would love to play it again with the Complete mod.

  30. i played through SoC and CS, both with and without the Complete mods, the mod was FANTASTIC, the CoP S.M.R.T.E.R. mod on filefront just doesn't do it for me like these did...any news on a release date?

  31. @Pavel
    Thanks for making the games I love into something playable and enjoyable. I, and many others, greatly appreciate the work you do on The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games to make them as good as they can be.
    Patiently awaiting any news on this mod

    Please hurry lol (Don't rush I'll wait as long as it takes)

  32. CoP: Installed, ready and waiting! I loved Complete 2009 for SoC!!!

  33. I cannot wait! I recently bought SoC and CoP off steam and your mod made SoC so much better, that I will probably buy Clear Sky and get complete and play that to kill time until CoP complete. Keep up the awesome work!

  34. nice, hope you fix the crappy lack of toggle crouch, and that horrid Night vision, man did I feel ripped of the first time I used that.

  35. I've finished C of P a few times and it's a great game can't wait for mod the sooner the better but patience calls

  36. I'd love to say Clear Sky Complete was good but just stick with SoC for now, Smacky. You'll be disappointed by CSC 1.1.2 after playing SoCC unfortunately. :(

    Pavel, could we get some news on the progress please? I'm just getting angry playing through CSC 1.1.2 with all the bugs still crawling around while waiting for CoPC.

  37. can anyone link me to a good thread about adding ne weapon textures myself and how to proprtly create said textures from JPEG images? I knwo I am a complete noob/ moron but I want to try my hand at base level weapon & armor modding and then when my confidence is up start trying to port in complete weapons and armor(i.e. the TMP & MP7, Dragon Skin & New Marine Corp battle armor)

  38. Pavel you are the man!!!! SoC mod was amazing Please give us all an update on how far along you are with the mod for CoP We're all looking forward to it

  39. Agree, there´s a bunch of us out there who refuse to first play the game without your mod. The waiting is killing us!!
    Could you please tell us, at least, if it´ll be out before Christmas?
    Pretty please??

  40. Hey Pavel!
    No way, CoP Complete?! I finally bought and installed the game for the first time and never imagined you'd have CoP Complete out! It's me, LadyO! I'm super excited. :) Haven't played any Stalker games at all since way back. I will try to make it over. Am playing Vanilla for awhile, but textures are a different matter. I remember that once I installed your mod, I was never able to stand to play Vanilla again.

    Well, take care! Hope you're still reading your messages. :)

  41. Hey Lady,
    glad to have you back, you were one of the first people to see this little known mod emerge and your views and countless contribution helped me shape it to what it is today, now as you can see there's a whole series of Stalker Complete mods!

    I'm aiming to bring the CoP Complete before the end of this year, I realize a lot of people count on it. Thank you guys for support.

  42. Thanks to you for your work, Pavel. I´m subscribed to this feed just to check out your updates!
    I realize you probably have limited time, but if you could have the mod ready for Christmas, you´d be giving us some cheerful holidays FTMW.
    I´m just saying... :Whistles away:

  43. Hi,

    Just wanted to thank you for all the work ! I have replayed Stalker SOC and Clear Sky with your mods and it is complete new games with these! (and now unplayable without!)

    I have recently purchased Call of Pripyat but I don't dare playing it without your mod (afraid of being disappointed) so it will remain in the box until Pripyat Complete mod is released eventually !

    I understand that developping such a mod requires you a lot of (free) time but hell can't wait ^^

  44. lol stop playing minecraft and keep making the mod, jk

  45. Keep up the good work Pavel, I'm looking forward to CoP complete. The day you release it, is the day I'm going to buy a Direct X11 capable card so that I can enjoy CoP in all its glory with the complete mod.

  46. Hey Pavel, thanks for deleting my post without a single answer, really classy...

    (There you have! Another one to delete... ;-)

  47. I hope I'm not repeating someone asking this already, but I'm sure lots of people are wondering if Complete will have any kind of compatibility with Arsenal stuff.
    And just as these other fine folks have, I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into making this series beautiful. I'm excited to experience the wonderful COP Zone in Pavelvision!

  48. Pavel.. have you looked into creating a project?
    As you can see lots of people are eager to help you out - me included - and could be an enhanced alternative for greater success in your projects..
    .. I'm just saying..
    Thank you very much for your dedication.
    Take care and keep up your EXCELLENT work!

  49. I'm embarrassed to say that I just heard about your mods a few days ago. I bought both SOC and COP on Steam a while back, never got into them, but I downloaded your Stalker Complete 2009 mod yesterday and I was blown away by all the work and sweat that was put into it. Awesome. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing COP complete, hopefully before the year's end :) Cheers mate.

  50. I know, Pavel. I never imagined that SC would have taken off the way it has, simply because it had gone into a sort of lull for awhile shortly after I stopped playing for awhile. I'm really impressed, but not too surprised since I know you're a super talented guy. It's so cool to have watched it evolve! I look forward to Pripyat Complete! I haven't even tried the second one, so I will try it out while I wait.

    If all things stay calm over here for me, I may actually have a little time to sit back and relax so if there's anything you need help with, you've got my email. :)


  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Just giving a word of support. I loved your first 2 completes and am looking forward to this one as well. Great work and best of luck

  53. Merry Christmas if that is what you are into. I am looking forward to the new complete to be completed soon. You truly are an artist of the highest calibre.

  54. Excellent job of the first two mods! I steer everyone I can to your mods to make their games "complete"! Can't wait for the final mod!!!!!

  55. Wow,What a difference!The game looks like new one.I am a 64 year old who has played video games from Pong days.Just added your mod to SOC and played for an hour.You are a real artist of exceptional talent.Thank you -Ed

  56. I'm looking forward to this. I picked up CoP on Steam the other day but holding off on playing until Complete is, well, complete.

  57. Holler. I've played through STALKER Complete 2009 and just finished Clear Sky Complete (literally, just now!), so I'm pumped for the launch of CoPC. Hope it's coming together, fingers-crossed we'll see a release in the next month or two - I'm not playing CoP without it, no matter how good people say it is!

  58. The world is waiting for Mr. Pavel to finish CoP!
    Mr. Pavel, the world is on the line, what should I tell them?
    - I'm busy!!! wait and leave me alone.
    But, Mr. Pavel, they deserve an update. How about a screenshot?
    - Niet!! poluchika, granada!
    I don't think that would be a good idea, sir. Perhaps a new sound demo? the bunker door wasn't very impressive, it felt unrelated to anything else.
    - Tell them I'm in the toilet and take a number.
    Very well sir!

  59. Thanks for the hard work. Eagerly waiting.

  60. Can't wait! I only liked the stalker games before SoCC and CSC, now I love them!

  61. Thank you for posting progress (ie 90%)

  62. Can't wait!
    Many thanks for you great work on the other instalments of the complete series

  63. Hey artistpavel!

    Thx for your work on the previous Stalker Complete mods! I really appreciate your work!

    I have played SoC and CS with the Complete mods and it was just amazing!

    But now, with CoP on my hard drive, I really want to know when CoP Complete will be released?
    Is there an estimated release date (approximately)?

    Thx in advance and keep on with your fantastic work :-D


  64. This would be an awesome Valentine's Day present.

  65. Man, waiting is killing me. So long a wait...

  66. OMG thsi is taking forever it went from 80% to 90% in like 6 days 90% to 100% is taking forever!!!!

  67. ...and laughter was heard all across the globe as women, children and old men joined each other in dances and celebrations, for Pripyat was Complete!

  68. "The mod is being tested and prepared for release. This will be the best Complete mod to date."

    my girlfriend asked me why I was crying out a "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" while reading these good news !

    by the way can we test it for release ? :D

  69. So glad your doing one for Pripyat. I can't stand the way the game is vanilla anymore.

  70. If he puts up the download link in order for everyone to "test it for release"...that'd constitute a "release" wouldn't it, folks?

  71. I have been impressed with the previous mods. Will this one work on the steam versions?

  72. Yes, AP's mods work on Steam versions without issues.

  73. I said my girlfriend that when complete will be completed, i close in my room with computer for 3 days! :D

    Obviously i was drunk 6 bottles of beer :D

  74. I can´t wait!!! It´s a excelent job!!! Congratulations!!!

  75. Zomg waaaaaaant!

    I've been waiting a year to play PoP with this!

  76. Is ready yet??!!?!! Getting impatient :P

  77. Argh! Test faster! We needs it...preciousss.....

    Kidding. Mostly. Above all...thank you.

  78. Hey Pavel, my birthday is tomorrow, sooo I just wanted to let you know that CoP:Complete would be a pretty amazing gift. Just saying :)

  79. AHHHH i've been checking every day for a few weeks now, im peeing myself in excitement. I love you artistpavel!!!

  80. Can't wait to play this. I'm playing at the hardest setting right now on the Vanilla model. It's hairy but it's missing something. Oh I know it's the chump AI. lol

  81. Wonderful trailer Pavel, I can't wait to get my hands on the complete mod.

  82. Today it's officially my 1586th refresh of this page...

    ...damn, it will take months to wipe MrPavel-driving-his-car 's picture out of my mind.


  83. Awesome trailer!

    And GSC Game World hasn't hired you Pavel why?


  84. so is it done? I dont see the "coming soon" or "being tested" anymore.... link to the DL page? so very excited to re-play CoP with the Mod installed.

  85. When it's done, in addition to the feature list/summary, can you please post side by side comparisons of before and after? It would be really interesting to showcase the improvements and hard work in a practical "true to life" way, and convince everyone to download the mod.

    Thanks and kudos!

  86. I check this page like 3 times a day......

  87. Stefan, hopefully next week. ?

  88. I will be donating a grand total of $5 us dollars upon successful shipping of this mod as thanks for your work.
    if that is not an intensive, i don't know what is

    dont spend it all at once.

  89. Can't wait till release! You and the people who've helped really are awesome pavel.

  90. I really appreciate all the hard work you've put into this mod and i'm looking forward to playing it.

  91. When can we download this, then?

  92. YAY!!!! Today is the Supposed release date! According to Facebook anyways

  93. Man, this is nuts! I've never seen people so excited about a mod.

    Relax, dudes. The download link will get put up when it's ready. You've been waiting months for this already, a few more hours is nothing.

    Go read a book, go sit outside, go for a walk downtown. If you own a musical instrument get it out and practice it.

  94. But but but... I want it now :( ;)

  95. And as I suspected it wont be released today :S

  96. We're sorry, but no downloads were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the download list with no filter applied, to browse all available files.

    I think something is wrong with the download section :(

  97. Yep same here the download doesnt seem to work at all :(

  98. He's not teasing us. It'd probably a problem on moddb/filefront's end.

  99. hey guys try this

  100. Sooooooo good. Love the vanilla game but I was eagerly awaiting for your mod! Will donate, the breadth of this mod is just mind blowing.

  101. Tried your mod, crashes the game instantly upon starting a new game, its borked beyond relief. Renaming the gamedata folder/starting a vanilla game the renaming the gamedata folder back with fix it for maybe 10 seconds.

    Waste of time.

  102. Works for me but it seems to dark all the time ive played 5 game days and all are dark and im going bye mid day 12:00 to 13:00 it so dark im using my torch all the time is how its ment to be or a bug ?

  103. @Zach

    Thank you, that link is working :)

    Matt, Pavel made the best mods for previous stalker games - "waste of time" cannot possibly be used to describe his work.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Thank you very much! It's working perfect!

  106. I'm downloading it now hopefully it's more akin to Complete 2009 than Clear Sky Complete. Clear Sky Complete wasn't bad, but for that game at least it wasn't what I was looking for. When it comes to Shadow of Chernobyl though, your work is tops.

    Anyway, I was curious who did the music in the CoP Complete Official Trailer, and where you got the music for the Clear Sky Complete main menu> Thanks for your work btw.

  107. When I try to start a new game the screen just freezes.
    i can see all the menus just fine, although i get a black screen if i try to set Sun quality or SSAO quality higher than high

  108. Its just me or there is something wrong with the artifacts? i see dots on detector but no artifacts on groud, in the trees and whanot. So far tried GTX260, GTX480 and 6870 .. all same result .. no atifacts.

  109. Owwwwwwwwwwww... downloading... downloading... GRRR.. I want it!.. doenloading.. 100mb...NOW NOW NOW... grrrr.. downloading ... 115... NOWWWWW.. ehhh.. sorry

    Just like it..

  110. Ok I have a Russian retail version and the game crashes at start. Any ideas? Do I have to change something?

  111. When you start a new game you need to be patient and wait before it starts. It will take some time to get to the loading screen.

  112. Even if you wait sometimes is still doesn't work. I got it to load once and then I could never load a game again(I did start a new game and was trying to quickload) It would always crash (I mean crash, not freeze it would actually kick me back to desktop and give me the windows "application experiecned error" or whatnot). I heard on ModDB that it doesn't work well with DX11 or DX10, probably due to AtmosFear (Unless AtmosFear 2 fixed that. AtmosFear 1 only worked on DX9) I belive AtmosFear 2 itself (alone, independent of CoP Complete) has problems with higher DX settings, but I'll have to test this.

    That aside the short time it did work looked great. The only thing that slapped me in the face was the greatly enhanced view distance and the beautiful panoramic view in the distance. Definitely a large improvement to the environment alone.

    Just a theory, but is it possible ModDB doesn't have the file now because Pavel's aware of these problems? Anyway I'd advise waiting.

  113. Pavel do you not get that your download link isn't working? At least update it to match the one that Zach posted in a comment.

  114. Sorted my darkness issue bye deleating my user file in the save file and deleating the graphics cache file ,all works well and im geting into this .thank you.

  115. The patch says it can't find Call of Pripyat on my PC. I have the Steam version of it. Any ide ahow to fix that?

  116. My same problem is the problem Cory has. Does anyone have a fix?

  117. I'm having issues too, I can get CoP to run once per session. That is, when I start the PC (Steam version of CoP is what I have) I can run CoP. After I quit out, I can't get it to run again. X-ray starts up and is in processes using 7-8M of RAM, but that's it. I can't exit Steam without killing the X-ray process.

    Once I reboot I can run CoP again. But only once. If I quit out the problem returns.

    Can't wait to see it once the bugs are worked out. Keep at it guys!

  118. X-Ray 1.6 Has Stopped Working ... I was able to play one time, everything totally maxed at 1920x1200, it was awesome. Then I died after the first helicopter examination, and I haven't been able to get the game running again. Tried deleting user.ltx and running on straight default settings, tried restarting PC, tried re-installing mod ... it now always either crashes w/above error,or hangs indefinitely, at the loading screen (Zone Tips Screen ... the bar fills all the way up, but the game won't actually start).

    I'm running 470's in SLI w/266.58 drivers and Windows 7 64-bit

  119. Okay ... an update ... I can start a new game, and it works fine, just as before. But none of the saves I made from the 2 hours I played earlier today (this from a fresh start after installing the mod) will work.

  120. Another update: none of the saves I made from the 2 hours I played earlier today (this from a fresh start after installing the mod) will work EXCEPT for the first one, "arrival at the skadovsk". Everything from 'strange glow source found' on (about 7 manual saves + one autosave at helicopter) appears to be corrupted and just causes engine to stop running.

  121. I have 1gb radeon 5850, 4gb ram and its crashing. Nothing helps.

  122. cant even load the game itself

  123. Hi guys, I have the same Probs but...
    1.I could play the mod in Static Lightning...
    2.Dynamic Lighning (all Variations) CTD
    3.Dynamic Lighning (DX10) Black screen have to close by ctrl+alt+del

    my specs:ati4870,e8200,4gbram
    my question: is it pissible to get the mod working under Dx10 or is it writen to use only Static Lighning, im waiting for an answer.

    PS:Sry for my bad english (isnt Native)
    Greetz to Pavel and the community ;)

  124. This is extremely disappointing.

    The first two STALKER games were extremely buggy, even after the patches, and the gaming community fixed them. Pavel then added the cherry on top with his great COMPLETE mods.

    But COP was stable and very good looking from the beginning. In a total reversal, it is now the COMPLETE mod wich is extremely buggy.

    NEVER release a mod without enough testing to ensure stability on most systems. The comments here and at moddb are full of frustrated people, and I am one of them.

    Being someone who has a stable system that maxes out pretty much ALL games out there, and someone who hasn't encountered any problems in all the latest games, I have to say that having to set COP COMPLETE to low settings with static lighting to load the game when the vanilla version allows me 50+ frames with everything maxed out is just ridiculous.

    I'll be back in a couple of months. So long.

  125. CoP Complete works without problems for me in DX11 mode. HD5750 512MB, Windows 7 64bit.

  126. I've managed to solve my problem by renaming gamedata/config/text folder.

  127. I am only able to start a game when I disable Crossfire (2x HD5870). With CF enabled my memory runs full. The game loads until the full 4GB is full and then everything stops. With CF disabled only 3.2-3.5GB in total is used.

  128. >Transibu
    Try reducing texture quality, disabling game prefetch, closing any other apps.

    As for mod, its quite impressive, but distant shadows is sucks. And so, without the mod we cant have such a lovely view

    Great job.

  129. Honestly, why would I reduce texture quality to run the mod? Textures are CoP's biggest weakness anyway. Besides this problem existed with some users in the base game (so it's not artistpavel's fault though his mod may make the problem more common) evidenced by the article he linked to (ATI Crossfire Users look here.)I don't have crossfire though.

  130. Reducing texture quality and disabling prefetch did indeed solve the problem. However, without prefetch and texture quality set to max the game stutters like hell.

    I'll wait for my new new mainboard and 8GB to arrive and see if I can then max out everything again with CF enabled.

  131. Damn, where are my manners.....

    Great work Pavel and all others who worked on this MOD. The game looks fantastic!! (even with texture quality not at max ;) )

    Thank you!

  132. Hi there, a little report ;)

    Can't standing anymore the wait for my dose of Complete ('was realy long, quite a year... :'D), I've started to play CoP again with the Absolute mods (Nature 2.1 and Structures 1), Atmosphere, and a few things like a "wish granter" (exist in french, wich is my case ;)). All this in the hope to match an approximation of Complete and have a XRay config wich will be compatible with the final mod.
    I just have to follow the thread and then see on the poster what are the base mods to compil. :'D

    Then, the precious has finaly arrived. YumY !
    Have to wait again to let the download appears ('was weird), and a few more hours to let those who have a standard CoP rush on the mod (yeah yeah, that's fair ;)).

    So, i've downloaded it today, looking forward for the end of the working day :D.
    That's the moment of truth.
    - I delete the "gamedata" folder, and the "logs" and "shader_cache" from the documents folder (keeping "savedgames" folder and "user.ltx").
    - Try to install the mod by the setup => "can't find Stalker folder"...(no, it's not in "program files", the setup diserves a path explorer ;)).
    - Doing it "by the hand" with the archive (yes, i've downloaded both :D)

    And ? And ? And ?
    It works perfectly :D
    Loaded two different saved games succesfully. Saved and then left the game, relaunch CoP and loaded the last save, tested the basics of the game (move, jump, shoot, pda, etc.) without problem.
    i just have to deactivate/activate the crosshair, wich was invisible.

  133. (Sorry for the double post)
    As i said, my version was close, with a best level of graphics than the original... Close, but not equal to the final Complete.Really amazing. I mean really.
    I have just played a few minutes but forced to stand and watch the beautyful weather conditions. No matter if it rains, shines or whatever, it's just stunning.
    Now, i'm waiting for an emmission... Just hopping i won't stay outside saying, "wowahhh, that's marvellous !", you know, running in the wave with an insane laugth...

    Sorry, 'get serious.
    My computer is a Q9550 @ 3.4GHz, 4Go Ram and a (single ;)) 5850 OC, win' 7 64bits
    A Intel SSD for the system and a little RAID0 (cheap and not top but quite good) where STALKER games are (the 3, in Complete, of course ;)).
    I haven't changed my settings since my prior mod compilation wich is on "maximum", DX11, 1920x1080 (no "advanced" settings), and the catalist settings are by default too.
    The game seems highly playable with this settings, since i already have played a part of the game with those.
    Hope it will stay the case when i get closer to pripyat, but really seems ok.

    Exactly as AtmosFear+Nature+Structures, the game is increddibily long to load. In fact, even the simple launch of the game is longer than the game with no mods (strange isn't it ?).
    Then in the STALKER menu, a long minute to pass the select saved game screen when you start to load one. And another (wich seems even longer) to have the "click to play" message. A total of 3 minutes to get into the zone.
    But i say it again, that's quite like my basic compil, very (very) long. Maybe a little more, certainly from the audio part of the mod.
    Besides, in game if you play, save, (maybe die), load a save, or even when you cross from a zone to another, the loading time is not so long (a little more than a no mod game).

    @ those who experience problems (but no CtD): As said, try to clean up all your CoP files, including userdatas (in the "documents" folder) and do a fresh install of the game, then the mod. All settings to "defaults", game as graphic drivers.
    And to know if the machine has freezed or is just working, don't forget to watch the HDD activity LED ;).

    So now, i have to take this post to thanks you a lot, Mr Dolgov and all the community of modders, who gave me so much hours in playing the STALKERs trilogy, from so much time. It counts in years now and i'm happy to see there is always people to work on this game(s). I bend over you guys, i can say that.
    You did a great job. And you still.

    More specialy to you Pavel, I'm really glad to see your carrier take a way inspired by this part of your work and i wish you the best for the future.
    Keep up the good work, you rock !
    Hope to see further news from you or your work.

  134. For me, the mod definitely seems to make bad save files after first going to Skadovsk. My ancient save files (from before using the mod) work perfectly, but not the ones made by the mod (after a fresh game start, btw). I get 'x-ray stopped working' errors when I try to load any of them.

  135. Quite a few angry folks on the web, I've updated the post to clarify the issue.

    @bvaljalo, probably the same 'out of memory' crash, you can see the error message at the bottom of log file after the crash: Steam\steamapps\common\stalker call of pripyat\_appdata_\logs\xray_yourname.log

  136. This is /amazing/, thank you so much for making the game so much better.

  137. And people should not get angry. I tell you about the bugs as a friendly gester.

  138. I'm not angry Pavel, and thanks for jumping on to the board ... I'd never be angry about something I got for free ... I'm just trying to help out w/bug reports :)

  139. A few points, after reviewing your advice:
    1) I'm on nV not ATI, running 470's in SLI
    2) I have the game entirely maxed out at 1920x1200.
    3) OLD saves (pre mod) work perfectly, and so will a save made from a new game start
    4) However additional new saves made after leaving Skadovsk won't load. The system stays on loading screen forever, if I ctrl-alt-del, the x-ray crashes.
    5) If I delete the user.ltx, and leave everything at default settings (which is like 1024x768), x-ray will crash immediately before launching the game.

    RAM usage in TM shows about 2.2MB which is very high for a game, but I have 6GB on W7 64-bit system.

    It really seems as though something I did on Skadovsk (which was nothing unusual) caused my save file to be corrupted, and all subsequent saves as well.

    Thanks for your help.

  140. The "Complete" mod works perfectly on my system. Load times are fast, no longer than the vanilla game with all graphics options set to maximum.

    Game running on:
    Windows XP SP3 x86 OS
    Athlon X4 640 CPU
    4GB RAM (cheap variety)
    GTS450 video
    X-FI ExtremeGamer sound
    No overclocking, no tuning

    Thank you Mr. ArtistPavel for keeping the STALKER series exceptionally fun to play.

  141. Oh ... and there's no out of memory warning in the log. In fact it even says my game loaded successfully... here's the end of the log:
    * Game brett - stingray 3 examined. is successfully loaded from file 'e:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\stalker call of pripyat\_appdata_\savedgames\brett - stingray 3 examined..scop' (1.149s)
    * phase time: 1148 ms
    * phase cmem: 507517 K
    * phase time: 10 ms
    * phase cmem: 507517 K
    * phase time: 8 ms
    * phase cmem: 507517 K
    * [win32]: free[1632004 K], reserved[125860 K], committed[2436376 K]
    * [ D3D ]: textures[1389909 K]
    * [x-ray]: crt heap[507488 K], process heap[14612 K], game lua[40254 K], render[3864 K]
    * [x-ray]: economy: strings[25789 K], smem[168829 K]
    stack trace:

    0023:06760491 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::CDialogHolder()
    0023:00417183 xrEngine.exe, CBoneInstance::construct()
    0023:069D8544 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::`vftable'()
    0023:06A685F4 xrGame.dll

  142. There is also an aim bug when i aim dovn the rifle it goes to infinity. Not hte case vith pistols

  143. Been looking forward to this like crazy, but I seem to get the same instant-crash-on-new-game problem others have. (Nvidia graphics card, so it must be the texture overload.) Looking forward (again) to a patch for this.

    Can't wait to play!

  144. In the description of the mod it says it has the Absolute Scopes addon but in reality it is the Gnomus Weapon scope mod.

    How come?

  145. Max,

    SVD, SVU and Vintorez use Absolute Scopes, the rest use Gnomus, I figured it was more fitting that way.

  146. I'd like to know: I've got a french version... will it work with it?

  147. Is there a "recommended specs" for this mod? I have a E8500 and a GTX260, but can't get past the load screen unless I set the texture detail to absolute minimum (but then I guess I might as well just play the vanilla game). I have no problems running the original game with maxed out settings...

  148. Inital release crashed on start new game for me.

    Post optimization patch, new game will now begin. Have not played but have checked intial non-choppy movement, inventory etc. All settings maxed on DX11.

    Windows 7 32bit
    nVidia 460 GTX
    4 Gb RAM.

  149. It seems to work with the new patch although it is a bit choppy at times, but that doesn't matter. Thanks!

  150. The optimization patch works.
    Thank you so much Pavel.

  151. It's still not working on DX11 for me...
    E8400, HD4890, Windows 7 64bits, 4GB ram.

  152. Patch fixed loading problem. Thank you.
    Do we miss out on allot of eye candy with this optimization?

  153. I would love to get into the CoP and Sky mods but I am still stuck at trying to get SoC working. The same old Xray issue crashing at the first load..

    I spent two days searching the internet and installing and re-installing, even did a full re-install of the OS!!!!

    And no-one, not even the author has provided ANY explanation or fix..

    All patches have been applied, according to the authors instructions all his steps followed, I am running W7 64bit 8gig ram GT220 Nvidia with latest driver...all still nothing...

    I would really like to play the 2009 before the CoP version...


  154. Hi Pavel,

    After months of waiting, here's my little comment : YOUR MOD TS FUC¨¨ING AWESOME !

    Game launchs without (so far) noticeable issue with ASUS P7P55D - ATI HD5850 (Asus EAH5850)- 4b DDR3 -Win7 64b (latests possible drivers for all piece of hardware)

    BUT here is also my little contribution I hope : game crashes with "xray 1.6 has stopped working" error when ATI GamerOSD is on, which is still a common piece of software for ATI users... just saying, may help some, just close this program since seems incompatible...

    Gonna test and enjoy further now :-) thanks!

  155. Just rectifying my previous post : it's not ATI GamerOSD but Asus GamerOSD (for Asus manufactured ATI cards)

  156. Thanks for reports, optimization patch 2 is up.

  157. Sorry I meant DX10 (my card doesn't even support DX11)

  158. Got archive error " The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" Downloaded several times with 2 different browsers.

  159. Fixed now. 5th time lucky heh :P

  160. Stan, it was still uploading try now.

    For everyone still having problems, the mod will continue to get optimized in the next few days until we get it all sorted out.

  161. Hi ArtistPavel,

    I wonder if you respond to my post re the 2009 mod? Do you have any tips so I can get it working?

    Or is it a hopeless case and I should juts drop it and move directly to CoP instead?


  162. Or alternatively, would I be better to just buy the STEAM version (only $14) and throw away my CD version (legal btw :) )

    Can anyone help out with some suggestions here? I am really keen to get into ArtistPavels Mods as the look so good, and all I have read (form folks that get it running) says it is awesome!!


  163. Well still can't get my save working. I've tried both patches, changed GFX settings, some voodoo and did a rain dance (don't ask why). Still nothing.

    I really don't want to have to start a new game played too long already. I guess I'll have to if nothing in the near future fixes this. Could you get back to me and let me know what the crash log on Moddb told you? Cheers.


  164. Yes, all versions can be applied on top of each other.

  165. Patch v3 running fine here on DX11 all maxed at 5040x1050, Pavel ive created a "fix" for the scopes at surround / eyefinity resolutions, posted here - , hope its ok, fantastic mod btw, ill post some cool surround screenshots soon at, cheers.

  166. thales100, huge thanks, updated.

  167. Hello, any chance of an answer? You do seem to notice the other posts here....

  168. I've got the same problem as bvaljalo, can't load saves after Skadovsk:

    compiling shader deffer_model_flat_d_0
    compiling shader deffer_model_flat_3
    compiling shader model_def_lplanes_0
    stack trace:

    0023:067CD6CC xrRender_R2.dll
    0023:0786DA01 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::CDialogHolder()

    I tried all of the suggestions except rolling back my graphics driver, and tried the latest optimization patch to no avail.
    Playing on a laptop with: Intel Core 2 Duo @2.7 GHz, 6 gigs of RAM, and a slightly overclocked ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670 with 512 MB ram. Was running beautifully.

    Thanks for your badass mod and your time, looking forward to SoC Complete 2012.

  169. @ Pavel

    Intel E8400 3Ghz
    4GB RAM
    ATI 4850 512MB
    1440x900, DX9 & Catalyst 11.2
    WinXP Pro SP3 32-Bit
    COP Complete with Optimization Patch 1
    All graphical settings maxxed except AA and AF which is zero. Textures at 80%.

    Spent 10 hours in the game. Game runs smoothly except for a few microstutters (1-2 seconds) when running around Zaton. Yet to venture to Jupiter though so might report back later.

    Some possible issues to report :
    1. Textures sliders could not be maxxed out. I could only set it at 80% value. Everytime I change the slider to 100% it will auto-revert back to 80%. Is this a DX9 problem?

    2. I could loot money from bodies in Zaton over and over again, despite them having nothing in their bodies (I've already looted them the first time). Is this a bug?

    3. Actor can die during emissions when he's hiding in Skadovsk. Yes I had my weapon out. Is there a way to survive emissions even when my weapon is out?

    4. Please advise the differences between Optimization Patch 1 and Patch 3. I compared the zipped files between Patch 1/Base Complete Install and Patch 3 and noticed that some files were smaller in size. Namely,
    (a) -- 21.3MB to 5.6MB
    (b) -- 12MB to 3MB
    (c) -- 12MB to 3MB
    (d) -- 18MB to 6.3MB
    (e) -- 3MB to 800kb (multiple files)

    Does Patch 3 contains further compression of graphical assets? I'm running it pretty fine on Patch 1 only, and I do not wish to use Patch 3 if it means compromising on graphical quality.

    5. I'm using FOV Switcher by MacroN. Does using Patch 1 override my custom FOV settings? I'm using 75 degrees FOV instead of default FOV of 55.

    Thanks Pavel for a good job once again.

  170. Hey Max,

    1. Not sure, but not because of mod.
    2. This can be fixed but you can look at it as if you double checked their other pockets.
    3. Probably the no weapon script.
    4. You don't have to use the new textures, but I haven't noticed much of the quality loss after compression, saves a chunk of memory though.
    5. Changing FOV is ok.

  171. Hey there, fantastic mod, love most everything.

    But with my system it will only run for a bit before CTD. I've turned things down a fair bit, using enhanced lighting (non-dx10), textures at 40%, all other settings at medium.

    Win7 32bit
    3gb ram
    1gb ATI 5770

    I installed the new fix (Mar 13) and it won't even run. :( CTD on start.

  172. I would have to make a Lite version for 32-bit users.

  173. Something's screwy with the patch #3. It says 60mb on this page, but the first time I tried to download it, the file was only 30mb. Now I tried for the second time and it was 40mb. Both times winrar complained about 'unexpected end of archive'. I fear the patches might be corrupted somehow.

  174. Ok, it's fixed now. File is intact and 60mb.

  175. Does any one know how to get immunity to emission? Because I want fast forward time/weather to see everything.

  176. There seems to be a problem with detectors and artifacts

    I can see the artifact moving around and making a ripple in the water, however when I have my detector (bear) out, it doesn't beep or discover the artifact even if I stand on to of it.

  177. All works perfectly here using DX11 (1920x1080):

    win 7 home premium 64 bit
    AMD athlon II x4 640 3ghz
    4 gb
    geforce gtx 460
    creative audigy 2zs

    Thank you very much Pavel, i love your work on all three titles :)

  178. Damn. Thanks anyway. If you ever do work up a Lite version, I'd appreciate it greatly. Great work.