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[Mod] STALKER Complete 2009 1.4.4

This poster was created entirely from in-game screenshots, except for main character, this is what the game really looks like with SC2009.

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Version 1.4.4 (700MB)

If you haven’t played 2007’s most immersive and atmospheric shooter, or you’re back for replay, this mod is for you. This is the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like you’ve never seen before, with updated graphics and added functionality that don’t change the original story or gameplay. The game hasn’t been changed beyond recognition, but rather enhanced while preserving the core elements that made it the unique experience it is.

What makes this mod different?

It was designed by professional graphic artists with rich experience in the field, following industry standards for creating interactive 3D environments. It features artistic works and modifications from many community members unified under one art direction. The game has been redesigned with new visual qualities, and is offered as one convenient, complete package to reach a user base beyond the modding community. This mod has been created with a thought of bringing the beautiful and immersive game of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl from the previous generation when it was created to an up-to-date experience you’d expect from games currently being developed.

STALKER Complete 2009
Version 1.4.4 by artistpavel

The following list details the carefully chosen collection of technically advanced and aesthetically brilliant modifications that were created by talented modders, concept artists, and programmers over the past two years. They are meant to technically and artistically enhance the original feel and atmosphere the developers meant you to experience, without compromising it in the process. You’ll notice every single detail has been retouched and has a polished feel to it.

This is ideal for first time players or people who finished the game in the past and now are coming back to replay it on newer, more powerful hardware on improved resolution and graphics.

Natural lighting, vast panoramic views, depth of field, parallax mapping, SSAO, over 900 reworked texture files, including vehicles and armor suites with manual bump editing, you won't believe it's the same game.


Developed by a professional art studio, the weather system in Stalker Complete 2009 is a pinnacle of visual game design. It features work by several artists including challenge winners from (the largest concept art community which produces works for games and movie industries). It’s based on the same elements and principles found in representational art such as aerial perspective, composition, balance, and color theory, to name a few. The key features include:

  • Natural multi-phase day and night transitions, based on daily observations, photographs, and studies by artists from Dolgov Studios
  • Vast distant views, creating large open world around the player.
  • New multi-phase moon design authored by Dolgov Studios.
  • Proper sun travel according to date (01.05.2012) and geographic location (Ukraine).
  • Enhanced High Dynamic Range lighting and Sun effects (including realistic sunsets and sunrises).
  • Increased weather cycling.
  • Different types of storms, both fast and slow.
  • Wet surfaces during rain.
  • High resolution nighttime constellation map.
  • Improved water animations.

This mod takes full advantage of Shader Model 3.0 and introduces advanced shader technology first seen in the game “Crysis”. This tool allows creating close-to-life illusions of true relief and depth, in addition to adding rendering techniques creating an enormous difference in the way the game looks. Improvements include:

  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping - Gives 2D textures the illusion of 3D geometry, most visible on surfaces such as brick walls.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - a shading method, approximating the way light radiates in real life, creating soft shadows in corners and hard to reach places.
  • Depth of Field - A shading method that approximates the way light radiates in real life, creating soft shadows in corner-type places with a difficult lighting sample.
  • Motion Blur - A streaking effect frequently used to show a sense of speed when the camera quickly moves around.
  • Particle system - Enhanced rendering of fire, explosions, smoke, muzzle, sparks, falling leaves, anomalies, fog, and more.
  • Water Shaders - Improved water effects ported from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky.
  • Fire Dynamic Lighting - Fire now illuminates the surroundings, casting dynamic shadows.

This mod includes a texture overhaul featuring the “Photorealistic Zone”, a total rework of every texture in game by Argus over a nine month period. Special attention has been given to preserve the game’s original look while the original textures have been replaced with higher quality versions and manually bump-edited files. The textures are heavily optimized to reduce performance impact. Elements that are improved include:

  • Locations - All location textures have been replaced with higher quality photographs with partial use of original files and assets other games in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.
  • Living Creatures - Mutated creatures have soaking wet flesh showing through wounds, creating a disturbingly graphic effect. Also, all humans in Zone have been retouched down to even the finest details (armor, shoes, wrinkles, faces, even their eyeballs).
  • Vehicles - 20 year old vehicles in the Zone now appear realistically rusted and abandoned.

The game’s notorious reputation of being a huge bugfest ends here. Over the past two years a joint community effort has accumulated fixes for most known bugs and crash to desktop exits left out by developers after patch 1.0005. With the release of the unofficial community patch, bug fixes and numerous positive gameplay tweaks are implemented, such as realistic weapons names, reduced head bobbing, increased actor’s height, increased inventory weight limit, extended quest times, and more.

Artificial Intelligence received major reworking:

  • New abilities - NPCs can avoid anomalies, remove dead bodies from camp sites, throw grenades, change armor, and even heal other NPCs. You can also give weapons and armor to NPCs by selling or dropping it near them and giving them privacy to equip them (NPC’s preferences may prevent them from accepting the items, however).
  • Early detection - removed the ability for NPC's to notice you at unrealistically large distances.
  • Stealth - Removed the ability for NPC’s to notice the player at unrealistically large distances.
  • Death panic - Reduced the sound distance of death cries (in the original game it caused the entire camp to alert once one member was hit, as it was set to be heard at a great distance).

This mod replaces a massive amount of in-game sounds, including weapons, anomalies, equipment clatter, footsteps, nightlife, bullet fly-by sounds and more with higher quality versions. Also, the mod adds unique ambient sounds for each weather cycle. “Repetitive” NPCs will now only say their lines once (such as the “Get out of here, stalker” line), and hundreds of additional ambient sounds like bar kitchen cooking, nighttime horror sounds, fog sounds, and more have been added to the game, creating a more immersive audio experience.

The mod also adds a new music collection, featuring 84 new acoustic guitar compositions added to the existing set plus a few vocal songs in authentic language unique to each faction. This is the only music mod where compositions have been performed live and recorded specifically for this game by a musician (no MIDI or generic karaoke tracks were used). This is live music with human touch that blends seamlessly with the ambient soundtrack, and makes you want to spend more time by the campfire. Also, NPCs will now randomly play the harmonica in addition to the guitar. Finally, 19 authentic music tracks can be heard on the radio and from the megaphones throughout the Zone.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl is not exactly a textbook example when it comes to localization. Misspelled words, typos, grammatical errors, and humor lost in translation can be charming at times given the context, but creating unnecessary difficulty in understanding their meaning. Most of the text received a grammar-friendly rewrite, providing a much improved English localization.

A visual overhaul mod isn’t complete without a new, custom user interface. This is why we are proud to present our very own Main Menu, Loading Screen, and redesigned HUD. Created by our graphic design firm, the interface incorporates existing in-game art and photographs of actual Chernobyl disaster zone artifacts, adding a unique art style and authentic feel. Certain buttons have been conveniently reorganized for more intuitive access and new shortcuts added, such as ESC S which works like a “smart quick-save”, creating a separate save file with the level name, in-game date, and timestamp each time it’s used.

  • Sleeping Bag - It’s always in the inventory and allows the player sleep in-game.
  • Faction Change and Reset - Now players have the ability to reset hostile status and join factions outside of the storyline.
  • Ragdoll Physics - Natural death and hit animation, and kills will no longer cause extreme ragdoll effects.
  • Bulb tweak - Now you can shoot the lights out!
  • Gnomus' Scopes - High resolution scopes for widescreen and standard monitors.
  • Repair Kit - A special item to the game that allows you to repair weapons and armors out in the Zone. The only way to get this rare item is to loot it from a NPC’s corpse.
  • Repair Services - The bar trader and Screw now sell weapons and armor repair services.
  • Chernobyl TV - Replaced the original TV animation with actual Chernobyl footage.
  • Elite Nightvision - Black & white night vision based on the psy_antenna postprocess effect. This one really makes you see in the dark.
  • ZRP Teleport - The ESC J shortcut lets you jump between the points in the environment.
  • Third-Person View - Press F1, F2 and F3 to cycle through camera views and + or - to zoom in & out (by default this feature enables camera toggle only, add -psp switch to a shortcut to activate a third-person gameplay, please refer to Technical FAQ page 15 for assistance).
  • Other features - Authentic food and drink skins, the ability to drag dead creatures’ bodies, the ability to carry selected explosive fuel cans & barrels, the ability to shoot birds, and more!

After your journey ends with the “good” ending, you’ll get the dialogue that will let you continue the game in freeplay mode, allowing creatures and NPCs to migrate freely about in the environment. It will be a living and breathing zone with self sustained A-Life and unscripted events. This feature doesn’t remove the ending scene, so players will still have the enjoyment of viewing the cinematic completion of the game. You can skip the entire story line from the start by pressing ESC T while in-game and teleporting to the last map or by clicking Freeplay and “Equip for Level” to start from the first map.

There is also a large number of small subtle changes that make big difference in overall experience. ReadMe contains extended list of mods and their respective authors who contributed to this project.
This mod will run smooth as long as you have a video card with Shader Model 3.0 and large amount of memory to accommodate textures, it performs better than S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky/Call of Pripyat, while providing similar and often better visuals, it's DirectX9 and the X-Ray engine at full potential.

Designed and tested for STALKER version 1.0005/1.0006. Starting a new game is required!

Click to view screenshots

Weather, environments, textures, interiors:


click to enlarge

STALKER Complete 2009 in retrospective S.T.A.L.K.E.R. review by PCFormat magazine, issue #234.

Lighting – the new day-night cycle’s particularly spectacular – and textures are what’s most lovingly touched by the hand of mod, but on the non-graphical front much of the in-game text gets a more grammar-friendly rewrite and the HUD receives a much-needed overhaul.

[...] the graphical changes are immediately smack-you-in-the-face obvious. It's stunning. Whereas looking at old STALKER made me think of, well, a 2007 eastern European PC title, the texture and shader upgrades in STALKER Complete 2009 made the place instantly come alive.

Stalker Complete 2009 combines several modifications that improve Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl in matters of graphics, gameplay and atmosphere.

As mods go this is one of the most subtle imaginable. It does not attempt to change the atmosphere or effect of the game world, but simple to enhance it. 900 new textures, an improved sky and weather system, and the introduction of expanded graphics options make this one of the most exquisitely beautiful experiences ever to grace a gaming system. [...] this is, finally, the finished and complete version of Stalker - as good as it could possibly have been on release.

This is the "STALKER Complete 2009" mod [...], which does an admirable job of making the game look like it was, well, made in 2009. New textures, new lighting and new weather effects help get the game looking ship-shape...

New main menu art based on real photographs from Chernobyl zone, I placed items one by one as I was looking through pages of disaster documentaries. Contains references to labs X16 and X18 and in-game items.

Click to download
Version 1.4.4 (700MB)

[STALKER Complete 2009 User Manual] (Readme, PDF), please read the Technical FAQ on page 11, it contains answers for many common questions, updated regulary.


  • Retail DVD versions of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl game with 1.0005 (also works with v1.0006) patch
  • Direct2Drive digital copy with Digital Distribution 1.0005 patch
  • Steam (launch & exit the game at least once, check for version 1.0005 and install the mod, start a new game after)
It's recommened to temporary disable Microsoft Security Essentials, if you have it installed (this can be done under Settings inside the program), as it will try to unpack and scan the installer resulting in unresponsive system. The file is obviously clean.

For languages: Czech, Hispanic, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian, please download and install the international patch, otherwise your game won't start:

International support:


The User Manual contains a comprehensive credit list.


  1. 1] This is fantastic, I really appreciate all the work you put into this collection. The one thing I'd like to do is revert back to vanilla's weapon behavior without breaking any of the other enhancements. I'm guessing I could just remove the weapons folder from \gamedata\config but I (a) don't want to make something incompatible and (b) would still like to keep the weapon textures. Is there an easy way to do this?

    2] Secondly, I've been reading mixed reviews about Clear Sky: some saying it's too buggy and gutted and others saying they prefer it over SHOC. Do you recommend it, and are you planning on doing a Clear Sky Complete some day?

  2. hello,
    thank you very much to share your great mod collection.
    I'm downloading it right now .

    I guess your pack is not compatible with the great AMK mod ?

  3. Where you re-upload STALKER Complete 2009 base archive???? Dead link =(

  4. I updated the post with mirror link.

  5. @Two Questions:

    actually Ragdoll Mod made some changes to weapons.ltx file to reduce blast radius for certain weapons, so corpses won't fly as much, you may delete or keep it.

  6. Is there any way to make SC 2009 work with Arsenal RC1? Or a way to merge the two possibly? I absolutely LOVE the way the game is with SC, but I am dying to try out the new weapons in the Arsenal RC1 Mod. Is there any hope in merging the two? lol Also, what about compatability with the GoSuke weapon Mod 5? The one with the AKM and Ruger revolver is the one I am referring to, possible to merge with SC 2009 at all? If so, how?

  7. Also, forgot to ask perviously, how exactly can I get the original HUD back? Is it even possible to do alone and still have the rest of SC 2009 work? I am asking because it is difficult to read the ammo gauge on my monitor which is a 42" plasma screen panel.

  8. Ah, the Ragdoll Mod - I was wondering what was causing that error, but didn't want to bother you with it. Thanks for the info.

  9. Very interesting mod. But I do not understand the point of including following releases in it:

    - Vehicles Retexture Pack (Photorealistic Zone already contains latest versions of vehicle textures, those ones are a lot older and lower quality).

    - Asphalt 2.0 (Photorealistic Zone contains a lot better texture - and this one is just a fast-made collage of various asphalt photos, made by sergy172 without proper bump, tiling etc.).

    All of this overwrites higher quality textures PZone 1.0 contains, so, if the purpose of the mod is to collect the most recent and qualified graphic content, it is a mistake to include the mods I named above.

  10. @ bac9-flcl:
    It's a lot more complex than that, I only used selected textures from Vehicles Retexture Pack, in places where I felt they looked more appropriate than their updated counterparts from PZ 1.0, this is a creative merge, where I'm willing to trade off minor technical quality (if any) for a better visual presentation, it was done on purpose, but thanks for critique.

    @ Anonymous:
    selected weapons from Arsenal and other weapon mods are coming with next update, as of HUD, hang on there, I'll give you an answer how get ammo readings larger..

  11. Actually, I dont want just larger ammo display numbers, I want the whole original HUD back lol. I just kind of got used to it and it grew on me, ya know? And as far as the weapons from arsenal and gosuke's mods, the only ones I really want are the Ruger revolver, the Steyr Aug, the FN P90, the HK XM8, the FAMAS, and the HK 416. But ESPECIALLY the revolver, the aug and the XM8 lol. Also, you wouldnt happen to have a broad guess on what kind of time span it might be before these updates are released? I dont mean to be pushy, I am just REALLY looking forward to playign the game with your WICKED overhaul and those weapons added on that I listed above and am begging for lol.

  12. @hopecandecieve:

    to get the old HUD back go to:


    delete these files:


    then go to:



    Arsenal is coming in a week or two, so might beat the game by then, thanks for list of desired weapons.


    damage balance will be looked at for the next update.

  13. Another thing about the new weapons, I was browsing through the textures included in the mod before the 1.1 patch, and the UI items texture has pictures of a SLEW of weapons that arent in the game. Enough to cover an entire right side of the image itslef, why are those weapon icons in there if those weapons arent in the game? And when I said slaw, I mean SLEW lol, weapons like steyr aug, mp5k, xm8, socom mk23 pistol, mac 10, tec 9, custom m1911, steyr tmp, and also weapons that arent supposed to support scopes and grenade launchers with grenades launcher and scopes! lol Where in GODS NAME are all of THOSE weapons? lol

  14. @hopecandecieve,

    lol you have to discover a secret stash deep underground and have all weapons at your disposal, go crazy with them (kidding, those weapons aren't there, but they are coming next)

  15. Holy sweet jesus man I hope you are serious lol. WHEN!?!?!?!

  16. Just wanted to say this mod is AWESOME. I have had a boatload of trouble just getting my STALKER running on steam but finally got it up and running!! I tried the oblivion lost mod first because it was the only mod i could find that supported the 1.0005 patch that steam makes you upgrade to. Then i found this after endless hours of searching for solutions to get rid of the black screen at start!! Now got the game up and running and dling this awesome looking mod right now which is exactly what i was looking for.. the original feel of the game w/ btr graphics!

    THANKS A BUNCH MAN! Good work on this dude its awesome!

  17. Also an important FYI for anyone using steam and if you want to update what it says in your readme this caused me a whole lot of trouble until i figured it out.

    For steam users. the user.ltx file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\stalker-shoc

    The user.ltx file in your steam directory does absolutely nothing not sure why they have a duplicate there in the steam directory.


  18. Sorry for the multiple posts. The only other mod i was seriously interested in was the Float32 mod which supposedly greatly increases perfomance.

    So, my question is: Will this mod fully patched work with Float32?

    Thanks a bunch dude!

  19. hey, what video card do you have? this mod already has SkyGRAPHICS shaders, that's why it looks good on screenshots, check updated read me in this post, float32 is only needed if you have card below 8800GT and you have to delete existing shaders to install it.

  20. Hey man, unfortunately after installing the mod pack I went from a solid 60+ fps with no mods down to 10-15fps. This really sucks cause this mod is great the graphics are AMAZING. But im afraid I need to find a medium here where I can get playable fps and also have improved graphics.

    Im using a new Macbook pro w/ an 8600 GT 512mb. 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo w/ 2gb of system ram.

    I love the mod pack, I always choose eye candy over high fps. but under 30 fps for a first person shooter is unplayable. Any help w/ evening it out would be appreciated. Maybe disabling some of the more taxing mods i'm not sure :( . thx i'll get back to it in the morning

  21. yes, 8600 GT is not gonna cut it, just delete shaders folder from gamedate and install float32, it will still look ok, check ReadMe for more tips.

  22. Hey there, thanks for this fantastic mod. I loved it so far but now I have a show stopping problem with a missing vehicle-texture I guess. The game crashes whenever I try to go to Chernobyl NPP the game CTDs and the error-log complains about a missing texture called "veh/veh_bmp". What can I do to fix it?


  23. Update your game to patch 1.0005, and don't use Smart Mod Manager for this mod if you do.

  24. Thanks, is there a version of Float32 that works with patch 1.0005? I haven't been able to find above the 1.5267 version and it says no where if it is compatible with the 1.005 patch. I heard there was a 2.0 version but haven't been able to find it anywhere for download.

    If you know where I could find the float32 mod for this patch it would be MUCH appreciated then I can finally get this game up and running with your mod hopefully as float32 is supposed to improve FPS by 10-20%. Thnks

  25. It used to be at creator's website:

    page doesn't load for me.

  26. Yeah, page seems to be down or something. Is the 1.5 or 1.7 versions compatible with the 1.0005 patch?

    And also do you think just deleting the shader file will improve my fps by a good amount?

    I've already tried messing with the in-game settings and many of them are much much lower than before with still some eye candy. Managed to get maybe only 1-3 fps better in some areas not a big increase at all. Maybe this mod pack just won't run very well on my system :( . I really need improved graphics to play stalker though... the stock graphics on max are horrible heh.

  27. Update: I managed to find Float32 2.0 on

    So, all i should do to have Float32 work with your mod pack is delete the shaders folder?

    I believe the float32 mod is a .exe too so not a manual install so not sure how it is going to play out.

  28. @pablonoreaga, just delete shaders folder, you'll notice the difference.

    @Anonymous, SMM messes up the patch 1.1, delete gamedata and install mod+patch1.1, it works for everybody, may need new game because you have updated to 1.0005

  29. Ok, so I dled the Float32 and installed as well as deleting the previous shader file in gamedata and am happy to report getting a solid 30 fps out in the open and drops down to about 20 fps w/ a lot of mouse lag by the fire w/ 3 other stalkers around. A little tweaking of the mouse lag and I think it is the shadows giving me lag there to fix that.

    Question: What did I lose graphically by deleting the previous shaders folder? I hope i didn't lose the awesome skies it looks like I did but it is raining so not sure.

    Thanks a bunch awesome mod that is finally playable for me now! Just a few graphical tweaks and i'll be ready for my first playthrough

  30. Check point #2 in the summary, this is what those deleted shaders did, the rest of the beauty is still there.

    and check back for patch 1.2

  31. So the entire SkyGRAPHICS-MOD v2.0 RC4.1 was removed?

    If that is true I just want to get the awesome skies back and all will be well lol. The skies were so damn beautiful before! All of it was so damn beautiful it makes me sad to lose it which is why i'm trying to find new drivers and looking at overclocking my macbook to handle it!

    I appreciate the fast responses btw dude! good stuff

  32. SkyGRAPHICS is just the name of shaders named after the guys nickname, the actual sky didn't go anywhere.

  33. I am a bit confused as the sky does not look at detailed as it did before. Sorry I am a bit picky about the way the game looks lol... especially after seeing a game in its full glory it is hard for me to downgrade.

    The sky now seems very low res and not as awesome as before (for lack of technical terms). The clouds seem 2d and lack that umph of before and the sky seems all very gray and lifeless.

    Is there another mod i could download to get the sky back to it's full glory perhaps?

    Sorry I know this isn't really a question about your mod pack, alls would be well if my computer could handle it :( . You seem very knowledgable about mods though as can also be seen from the mod pack you made lol. Thanks

  34. Excuse me, are there random blowouts using this mod? It sounds fantastic, but I don't really have an inclination to switch from OL if it doesn't have that.

  35. It doesn't have that, according to developers, Call of Pripyat, the sequel, will have some kind of advanced blowouts, so I figured original Stalker doesn't need them, also this mod was aimed to improve vanilla, not so much to change it.

  36. Alright, I did everything you said but the game kept crashing whenever I tried to load a savegame although it worked when I started a new game. So it presumably was a problem caused by the 1.0005 patch.
    Because it's my first playthrough, which I resumed after over a year of inactivity, I found it unacceptable to scrap all the progress I made so far and instead de- and reinstalled Stalker, patched it to 1.0004 again and then did the same with your mod and Patch 1.0. After that I inserted veh_bmp from Patch 1.1 into the corresponding directory of the game. Luckily that actually made my savegames work again.


  37. neonoir, glad it worked and you didn't have to scrap the progress, 1.0 is a good patch.

    I'll be away for a few days, so I won't be able to reply to comments, I'll get them when I'm back.

  38. Heres a tip for any one experiencing really bad fps, or 'jumpyness' in the rendering, which should be most people since I'm running a 3870HD, which isn't exactly a bad card.

    As you've probably already noticed, everytime you turn around quickly, the motion blur kicks in and the fps drops significantly, no idea why, there must be something wrong with the file or maybe just not compatible with my card. Any ways, go to gamedata>shaders>r2 and pull out the file called mblur.h. This should stop the slowdowns if your computer is up to spec.

  39. I'm working on that fix, where the game crashes, when you try to equip silenced M5P, will add to patch 1.2

  40. Where's my stamina bar and where are the ammo icons?

    Could you include an option of some sort for these features?

    I'd like to have a stamina bar to see how much I've got left since I'm always able to get a gist of my own stamina in real life. Less obvious than a bar, but a real intuitive way of showing it beyond a stretching bar would require the design of an entirely new game mechanic essentially. So until you are willing to break new ground and make video game history, I'd like a stamina bar.

    Otherwise, this has been amazingly beautiful. It's great to have all this under one roof.

  41. @IamError,

    look through comments on how to get vanilla HUD

  42. I'd like to get the stamina bar and weapon icons like the other versions of that 1154 mod have though.

  43. just install that HUD version ontop:

  44. Does this work with Oblivion Lost and will there be a coordinated effort of any sort with that team to beautify it?

  45. P.S. Looking forward to the 1.2 patch, it sounds like it will be taking the game to new places.

  46. It works great, I came into a few errors due to my own mistakes, but in the end, it was fixed and now I have my stamina bar.

  47. Is there a way to put the repair patch in sooner? Me and a friend want it now so we can get stuff repaired.

  48. Is anyone else experiencing invisible rain when using this mod? Pavel, kudos on an excellent compilation!

  49. @Carl, it's just the rain texture that is not pronounced, I'm making it more visible now.

  50. Oh interesting. So what kinds of things do you have in mind for future releases beyond little tweaks?

  51. This is a short preview of the expansion update that's coming within a month, courtesy of Lucian04:

    - 10 New Weapons Selected from the latest weapon mods such as AMK Arsenal 1.31 or Arsenal Mod 1.2
    - Higher Quality Model Replacements for certain weapons from AMK Arsenal 1.31 or Arsenal Mod 1.2
    - Weapon Randomization by Faction & Rank by Lucian04
    - Improved Economy
    - Improved Item Drops on Death of NPC
    - Repairs and Repair Kits are very expensive and cost increases based on complexity of weapon (IE: An AK-47 could cost 1000ru to repair whereas an AN84 Abakan could cost 5000ru to repair the same damage)

  52. Sounds very nice. One technical question:

    Should we be using the following switch in the skygraphics config file, or is it made redundant by another texture mod?

    #define USE_TEXTURE_PACK //use additional textures package(81mb)

  53. No, this line comes from old version of skygraphics mod bundled with textures, it's obsolete now.
    Enabling sunshafts is not recommended either, it creates excessive bloom and artifacts.

  54. great mod Pavel. thanks! its running smoothly and looks amazing.

    im having 2 small issues though so far:

    -i have downloaded the mod and the most recent patch, and all seems to be working fine, but i only have the default menu screen. im not seeing the new one you posted above.

    -im near the beginning of the game and when i found the H&K submachine gun, it is pictured as a pump shotgun in the menu. it looks fine when equipped though.

    thats it for now. going back to play more.

  55. @Matt, make sure you installed patch correctly, it should overwrite files.

  56. that was my problem, thanks.

    wow. i notice quite a difference already. fantastic.

    thanks again. great stuff.

  57. Hi,
    when I install Version 1.0 it is all fine.
    But when I install 1.2 or 1.21 the Xray engine crashs. please add me in skype azzzzzzu

  58. When I extract the gamedata folder to my Stalker folder, it doesn't overwrite anything. Any suggestions?

  59. Patch 1.2 makes the game crashs before it even starts to play the THQ logo clip.

  60. @ Julien: This problem is my too^^
    Please Fix.

  61. I have installed the patch folder by folder, the problem is with the localisations files in the config folder.

    My game is installed in french (the setup doesn t give any choice... and the voices sucks), apparently this come into conflict with this files.

  62. I installed in German. Patch from 1.000 to 1.0005, and then from 1.0005 to 1.0006. Then I change the fsgame.ltx and put in the main root the 1.0 Mod files. When i now start it is all fine. But then i copy the 1.21 Mod files in the main root and overwrite all files. Then I start and before the logo clips the screen is black, then the game close and Stalker says the X-ray engine has an error. Help!!!
    Can someone upload his fsgame.ltx, maybe my one is wrong.

  63. One little query, sorry if it's been answered plenty of times already. How can I change the acid anomoly's back to the original green colour? They currently appear blue and it doesn't look right.

  64. I've reinstalled the game in english, i don't know why but till today i've alway tought that the language prompt from the autorun was only for the setup..., and everything works fine.

    You should signal that this patche works only completely for the english version, someone who wish to use it whith an other language just have to supress (or not copy in the first time) the 2 "localisation" files (one .ltx and one .bak) that are found in the gamedate>config folder.

  65. THX!!!!
    It is run fine!!!
    @artistpavel: maybe you can add the advice to delete these 2 files for the german version.

  66. Hi everybody, the localization.ltx is responsible for adding inventory description to the following items: sleeping bag, some food, repair kit and Bar trader repair dialog. Creating international patch is possible, I just don't have ability to test it, so if any international modders reading this, I can certainly use a hand.

    So did anyone tried to use sleeping bag without localization.ltx? If it crashes, I will make a temporary international patch that has everything except those items.

    The repair mod is already translated to 8 languages, just needs to be added:;78833

  67. Luc,

    it comes from Particle Enhancement (3.0), try to download and check their ReadMe, they made many features optional:;93093

  68. artisitpavel,
    I love the concept of this mod, but I've just installed windows 7 rc1 and having this mod installed (with mod manager) causes stalker to crash on launching. If you have any ideas how to work around this I'd appreciate it, otherwise just letting you know.

  69. Actually, as I played around a bit with compatibility settings I got it to work just fine, sorry! Thanks for the great mod.

  70. Stalker runs fine with W7 RC1. I have it too.
    @ artistpavel: Is something of these items at the beginning? Then I can look in the german version.

  71. No crashes!
    But no description, too.

  72. Ok, international gamers, just delete "localization.ltx" from gamedata\config, until I properly fix it.

  73. Thanks, its a great work and idea.
    A new game for newer computers. Stalker could be always improved by Mods through the years, its a remarkeable game.

    Greatings from Brazil.

  74. I can't get this mod to work. Don't know what I'm doing wrong?

    Changed the gama data and user.ltx files, extracted the whole game data folder to Stalker directory OK.
    First I installed Stalker without being patched, which crashed everytime I ran it, then I patched it from 1.1 through 1.6 (all of 'em) and the game did load but the mod doesn't seem to.
    Does the start screen change when the mod is installed correctly?
    (Screenshots look absolutlely awesome by the way:)

    Any ideas? This version of Stalker came with my Asus mobo, never installed until

  75. The mod is working great, but how could I change the damage values back to vanilla defaults? Bandits having such a powerful mp5 at the beginning of the game is making things a little difficult. :)

  76. Hi ! Do you think about doing a only-graphic version ? I tested the game with your mod yesterday and even if it looks very nice I prefer the gameplay of AMK + IWer's Unlife.

    So i was wondering if you think about doing a only graphic version of your mod that could fit with others mods that already change the gameplay ?

    Thanks for your work !

  77. Can't get the game to run at all after installing the mod, installed the game fresh, updated to 1.006, installed mod, ran the game, the screen goes blank for about 10 seconds and then game crashes to desktop.
    E6600, WinXpSp2, HD4870, 4GB, 9.4 Drivers.

  78. An update, I deleted the gamedata folder and reinstalled the mod and now the game runs, it looks amazing btw. Thanks alot for the effort, really appreciate it, specially installed the game just for this amazing mod compilation.

  79. hmm, wheres that update?

  80. he11toupee,

    check Patch 1.3


    graphics version won't work by itself, it would still have to be merged, if someone has desire to do so, then yes.

    May 13, 2009 1:38 AM

  81. I have the 1.21 patch installed, do I just copy over new gamedata folder now? Is it possible to just get the incremental patch? Will the old save games work with this new patch?


  82. Just install over, saves will work, breaking it on incremental parts would just create more confusion.

  83. I experience a severe mouse lag while playing with 40-50 fps in Kordon. The mouse just feels completely sluggish, unlike in the original game. Any way to fix that via editing a *.ltx?

  84. Thanks for that artistpavel, I installed the new patch and I can confirm it works. While having an incremental patch and a full patch may be confusing to some, I think those with limited/slow connections will appreciate it. Anyways thanks once again for the effort. Looking forward to more stuff from you. Keep up the good work. Forgot to mention, is there a problem using float32 with this mod compilation?


  85. The mod looks great, I'm looking forward to playing with it, but unfortunately I'll have the time at the end of the week. I've been playing with the Oblivion Lost mod and I wonder if your mod could me merged somehow with it, at least the visual enhancements? I see that others have already asked this, but if you could do a graphics only mod it would be really awesome.

  86. I've a quick question. I'm currently playing on a Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, GeForce8800 320MB, 2 GB Memory and Vista 32bit. Can I handle this mod without problems regarding framerates and such?



  87. Can I update to 1.3 and play with my savegames from 1.21?

  88. @Robert, yes.

    @Jelle, with 320MB there will be stuttering, because game will use page file (swap) a lot, try.

    @Valentin, can't do it right now, trying to focus on finishing this mod first.

  89. This is the best Mod for Stalker to date IMHO. Great work Artistpavel!

    I'm going to hold off playing it all the way through though till you're done adding in the "Arsonal" Mod.

    Any idea when you'll be done with that?

    Thanks for sharing your work with us all :).

  90. @artistpavel, just fyi - the sawed off shotgun still retains its higher accuracy than vanilla. I don't think that's a bad thing, but just in case you're interested.

  91. @artistpavel:

    Hey dude, great mod! An excellent work! I'm having an Issue. After my game finish with "Client: Synchronizing" it crashes.

    How can I fix it?

    Reinstalled (manually) the mod once and reinstalled the game twice (In english) and still nothing

  92. @he11toupee, vanilla buckshot ammo has 0.4 hit power, it was 0.8, now it's 0.5, close enough, but has some oomph. In patch 1.31 all weapons are very close to vanilla.

    @Steel, you got base archive 390MB first, not just the patch, right?

    @Garrett, there's another person working on weapons, probably by the end of this month.

  93. @artistpavel:

    Yeah, I've the base archive (390MB) then the Patch.

  94. Great Job. I would really like to translate it to French.
    Does it mean translating all files inside /config/text/eng ?
    If not tell me which are needed, and I would give you a hand.
    Send me a mail at woshee [at] gmail [dot] com if interested.

  95. @raoul, no, only sleeping bag, vodka, and repair kit descriptions need to be translated, but before you do that, I have to learn how localization works.

  96. @artistpavel:

    Hey dude, still nothing. These are the steps I followed:

    1.- Extract Base Archive (390MB)
    2.- Extract Patch 1.31 (175MB)
    3.- Copy "gamedata" folder of Patch 1.31 to the Base Archive
    4.- Overwrite all the folders and files available to overwrite
    5.- Select my options in ZRP Modifier

    If u wish, contact me @

  97. @Steel, the ZRP may break some merged files, also it doesn't work on non-english games, check updated readme, it says how to edit many options found in ZRP manually

  98. @artistpavel:

    I see. Well, I restored default setting of the ZRP with some settings I like... and it worked! =)

    Thanks dude. I'll try every option of the ZRP to know what one breaks the game like the mine did... and I'll post it here.

    The only issue I've found so far is that the weapons, binoculars and bolts icons in the UI aren't alligned as they should be. I hope you allign 'em in the next version =)

  99. @artistpavel - Can you please release an incremental patch as well, or can I email you for that incremental patch, I first downloaded the 1.21 patch which was 140MB, then the new 1.3 patch came up which was 160MB I think and I had to redownload 160MB for the sake of getting 20MB incremental patch, now that 1.31 is out, I'll have to download 175MB to get just the 15MB incremental patch. Could you please reconsider your decision to not release incremental patches, is it not possible to have them both? Incremental patches for those who already have previous patches and full patch for those who are downloading for the first time. Thanks in advance, really appreciate your efforts.

  100. @artistpavel:

    Hey dude. Well, I haven't tried all the ZRP options, but the ones I've tried don't crash the game after "Client: Synchronizing"

    Those are:

    - _ZRP Mod Stuff
    - Binoculars HUD Position
    - Cutscene Control - CGI
    - Diary
    - Fire Illumination
    - Head Bobbing
    - Main Menu
    - Outfit Information
    - Quest Time Limits, Etc
    - Radiation Whiteout
    - Repair Weapon and Suits
    - Sell Guns/Ammo to NPCs
    - Task Map
    - Unique Weapon Stuff
    - Weapon Names - English
    - Weapon Stats
    - Weapon Tossing

    Other issue I've found that is since the Base Archive (390MB) is that NPCs drops are very reduced. They don't drop anything but Guitars, Harmonicas and Flashlights. Any ideas?

  101. @Steel, yes, that's because of Weapon Tossing, actually I have all those checked from the start, so I highly recommend not messing with ZRP.

    @Jay, 1.31 is the last cumulative, next will be incremental.

  102. @artistpavel - Awesome!! thanks a ton!!

  103. @artistpavel

    Other issue I've found that is since the Base Archive (390MB) is that NPCs drops are very reduced. They don't drop anything but Guitars, Harmonicas and Flashlights. Any ideas?

  104. @artistpavel - Thanks for the mod.
    Unfortunately it does not work for me. I installed it, but as soon as I talk to anyone outside the starting bunker the game CTD.

  105. UPDATE: I, too deleted the gamedata folder, re-extracted it (Steam game) and re-applied the mods.
    Everything fine.
    Running the game on windows 7 rc1, with an ATI 4870 512mb and a q6000@3.4 Ghz.
    The performance is ok, quite frequently though, the game just drops to 0 fps (just stops for a second) and then resume again.
    Also, the difficutly is a lost greater. I am playing at veteran, and I got wiped by the bandits. All it took was 2 shots.
    Thanks for your work.

  106. Add me to the list of people who think this is the best large mod going: it looks gorgeous, addresses a lot of bug and gameplay issues without wrecking the atmosphere and feel of the original game or introducing a lot of new bugs.

    That being said, you can also add me to the list of people having trouble with the 1.3 and 1.3.1 patches.

    I just started a playthrough with a fresh Stalker install (US version, patched to 1.0006) and a clean install of Complete plus the 1.3.1 patch. No other patches or mods, and I didn't tweak any of the ZRP settings using the Modifier app. Here are the bugs I've seen so far, having played as far as the first firefight in the Garbage (helping Bes and co.):

    The title screen still says Complete version 1.2

    Player bleeding seems to heal way too quickly... bandages seem pretty much useless as bleeding stops in seconds (even from yellow/moderate bleeding). I had a look at the actor,ltx file and it looks like the bleeding_v and wound_incarnation_v, etc. are all set to vanilla values, so I don't know what might be causing that.

    Similarly NPC bleeding seems to be enhanced: fighting the first batch of bandits at the car park I was able to put a couple of pistol rounds into a bandit, then just duck back and watch while they bled to death a few seconds later (on Veteran difficulty).

    NPC drops do seem to be broken, at least for bandits. Usually the only thing I'll find on a feshly-killed bandit is a harmonica and a bottle of vodka; after saving Bes the bandit attackers turned out to all be carrying guitars, harmonicas and PDAs, like they were some kind of well-organized bandit mariachi band :-)

    Some radio messages seem to have had the volume reduced; e.g. Sid's message about Fox as soon as you clear the embankment is barely audible.

    Some sounds have staticky crackles and pops added; e.g. walking in grass or on dirt sounds staticky, while running on asphalt still sounds fine.

    None of these problems seemed to be present in the 1.2 patch.

    Still and all, amazing work on this mod... to have gotten this far without any real issues to speak with is a great achievement. I can't wait to see what future versions bring.

  107. If anyone has problemes with the localization open the localization.ltx and edit this line :'language = eng' there replace eng with whatever code your language has for exampel ger=german. Then go to config/text and copy the 'eng' folder and rename it to what ever three letters your language has in stalker.

  108. @Anaphiel,

    I think you have to re-download patch 1.31, the screen should say 1.31, I checked it.

    NPCs no longer have killer bleeding in 1.31, they will drop wounded and ask for help like in vanilla.

    Player bleeding is set to vanilla as most other settings, you can increase it, since you seem familiar with configs.

    Guitars and harmonicas normally show up if you used ZRP's Weapon Tossing config, not sure why else.

    All radio messages have reduced volume or some?

    Staticky clicks, come with latest sound update, mostly wind, the author of sound mod is working on it.

    @Elias, this will keep audio in German, but all text will be in English, correct?

  109. Pavel, thanks for the prompt reply!

    Re: the bleed rate, I guess it's been so long since I played vanilla- or vanilla-like settings that I forgot what it's like to not be hammering the bandage hotkey every ten seconds :-)

    On your advice I re-downloaded both the base mod and the 1.31 patch, unzipped each, and copied the patch gamedata folder over the base gamedata folder overwriting all files. I didn't use SMM to install the mod.

    Unfortunately I'm getting the same issues: the title screen still says 1.2, and for drops I either get nothing or I get the Stalker Guitar Hero starter kit, occasionally with flashlights and the like. You are correct that 1.31 fixes the NPC bleeding issue though; this time I do see the behavior you describe.

    I also tried going from base to 1.3 to 1.31, same result.

    Looking at the _z.script file it looks like the mod name has been updated to "STALKER Complete 2009 1.31", but for some reason it's still showing 1.2 on my title screen. _z.script seems to be all ZRP features; is the overall name set somewhere else (the title screen also shows the Stalker static_version number, so I know at least one other piece of info can be shown there)? Weird thing is that I haven't installed 1.2; I went straight from 1.0 to 1.31 for this playthrough.

    As for the radio messages, Bes and Seriy sound fine, but the first message from Sidorovich is at maybe half the volume of spoken dialog. I haven't played past Cordon, so I'm not sure if any other messages (e.g. when you get the docs from the military) are also muted. If I get a chance I'll try using the level skip function to check out other messages.

  110. Stranger and stranger... looks like the problem isn't with Complete per se, it was some weird thing with my install.

    I rolled back to vanilla to get a baseline feel for the bleed values and the radio transmission volume, and I got a CTD as soon as Sid gave me a mission. The error looked like it was related to the Show Reward mini mod portion of ZRP, but I had trashed and deleted the gamedata folder. I even reverted the fsgame.ltx file to vanilla values so it shouldn't eve have been looking for a gamedata folder, and still got the crash even after an uninstall/reinstall of Stalker.

    Is there any explanation anyone can think of for Stalker seeming to "remember" and reference mods that have been deleted? I checked the fsgame.tx file to make sure I didn't have it pointed at another install directory (I also have the Steam version of Stalker installed), but it looks correct to me.

    Since some of the problems that I was having with the mod seem to be caused by tweaked ZRP setting persisting even past a re-install, I'm thinking that might be the problem. Does the ZRP modifier.exe file write to the registry or something?

  111. Hey,
    I just downloaded and installed this Mod and the latest 1.31 patch. Had to restart over as it doesn't recognize my old saves, but anyway. The graphics are gret, except the only problem i'm having is that the game crashes as soon as a couple of shots are fired at the farmhouse at the first mission. I tried changing the user bloom settings back to 1.5 to no effect. Any ideas as to what i can do to make it work? I would hate to go back to original game look :(

  112. Heh. Can't say that I know what happened, but I've been able to roll back to a working vanilla and reinstall Complete patch 1.31, and so far so good. The issues I was having with item drops seem to be fixed, and the main menu now shows version 1.3.

    It does appear that for some reason the settings from 1.2, where I did tweak some ZRP settings using Modifier.exe, were sticking around despite my having completely uninstalled and reinstalled the mod.

    The audio issues I described in my first post are still there, but the other issues are cleared up.

  113. Just noting Anaphiel's comments - my title screen says - Version 1.0006 ZRP 1.05. Should it be saying 1.31?

  114. Karan, did you by any chance play an older version of the mod before upgrading to the 1.31 patch?

    The title screen version number that you quote is the one from version 1.0 or 1.1. Since 1.2 it has the full STALKER Complete 2009 v1.xx text.

  115. Karan, if it doesn't say 1.31, it's not patched. Make sure patch overwrites gamedata from base archive.

  116. @artistpavel: my version was definitely patched, but the main menus still showed version 1.2 (I had the correct, updated _z.script file in gamedata/scripts, but it wasn't being read correctly).

    It sounds like Karan and Steel ran into the same kind of problem that I had.

  117. Any update with the Arsenal Compatability issue?

  118. I just want to use all of those new wicked crazy awesome weapons!!! lol

  119. Hey Pavel, would've posted this on gamefaqs but the thread reached >500 posts so I figured I'd post it here. After updating to 1.32, I notice my screen is a little out of whack. Basically the upper and left border of my screen is not filled in with the game screen, but is white/blank. It's very thin and only happened after updating to 1.32. For some reason i cant adjust my screen via my monitor's controls (it's stuck on autoadjust and wont let me change it).

    Any suggestion on how to fix that? it's pretty annoying.

  120. hmm, actually I reverted to 1.31 to check and the problem is still there. Must be something else. Wish I could figure out how to adjust my monitor, but that part on the menu is not accessable for some reason.

  121. I got it to work. Seems lke i didn't overwrite the patch files. I did now and so far its working fine. The only problem is that the accuracy of enemies is uncanny, i die within 20 seconds of starting at firefight :)

  122. @artistpavel:

    Hey dude, I've the drop rates very reduced. I don't get anything. I think that everybody will have the same problem. How can I fix it? Any ideas?

  123. Hello,

    Is it possible to install s.w.o v3.0 instead of 2.2 with this pack?

  124. @Pierre, it doesn't have S.W.O. 2.2 installed in traditional sense, I used some parts of it , but the whole weather system is new and was designed exclusively for this mod, give it a try, if not you can install S.W.O 3 on top without a problem.

    @hopecandecieve, there's another person working on it, I don't have exact date.

    @Karan, if you hide and shoot, they never reach you.

  125. I don't know why my fps decrease dramatically (0-2 fps) when I go outside after starting a new game. I have like 60 fps when I'm inside the bunker. I know it's not my specs coz I can run Fallout 3 on Ultra settings. any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

    my specs are:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66ghz
    4 gb RAM ddr2 800
    GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512 mb

  126. Is it coz I'm on Vista (Home Premium 32bit)?

  127. AA enabled in control panel? turn it off for stalker

  128. Tried that too. Unless I'm missing something, I turned off AA - gamma correction, aa - mode, aa - transparency on the nvidia control panel. Somehow the game works perfect on static lighting, if i put it on full dynamic lighting, It's impossible to move in-game at all.

  129. I was wondering where I would modify what Wolf gives to you in the beginning of the game. I know it was escape_dialog.script for original Stalker.

    Awesome mod though -- killer!!!

  130. Just stopping by to tell you that Kotaku posted an article about your mod!


  131. I've just downloaded STALKER on gametap, and wondered whether it's possible to apply this mod to the gametap version, and if so, how?

  132. @artispavel, saw your mod on - always went and bought stalker straight away (Steam) - im getting a bit of mouse lag in game tho... any ideas?

  133. yea i have same problem as above, its the HDR lighting, not impossible to move but gives mouse lag

  134. I'm having some trouble with this mod. Once I start the game the little logo pops up (not the actual game yet) and then it dissapears, and the game doesn't run.

    Any idea how to fix this? This problem only exists when I use this mod.

  135. I'm having the same problem as Andre. I deleted the game from steam and all stalker related files, redownloaded it.. copied in the full release then the 1.32 full patch. Did the file modifications, and checked video settings per the readme.txt. It crashes immediately when I try to start a new game.

  136. Great job, Really unbelievlable. I hope You will be working on that in the future because It is one of the best or the best mod to this awesome game.

  137. Nevermind.. got it working... this was weird. I guess I THOUGHT I had deleted the stalker dir from my steamapps dir, but I suppose I didn't. There was the OL readme.txt in the gamedir, so I wiped the gamedir out completely then applied the two files. Works great, awesome improvements. Seems to be running acceptably on my box. 1280x1024 native rez, Athlon 64 2.2GHz (Single Core), ATI 4670 512MB. (It's an old Shuttle SFF box, so I'm kind of limited by the PSU and the socket 939 mobo)

  138. I still can't get it working :(, and I've done all hfm did.

  139. This is one of the best mods I've seen for any game. Well done.

    One gripe I have with it though is that it always seems to be a full moon and clear skies at night, so the lighting is very bright. Makes it hard to sneak around. Are there ever darker nights than this? Have I just been (un)lucky and gotten all bright nights?

  140. Thanks for the reply. I tried the mod as it is, and it's awesome! Good job.

  141. sorry for this question but how do you set your "object detail" to 75% how clicks to the right do I need to go?


  142. Pavel, awesome job. I just bought a new GTX260 ( Core 216) after discovering this mod. Enjoying the game once again but I have a bug with shadows. I run the game per your instructions and I´ve tried different options with shadows. But no. Then I tried without your mod, no shadow bug.

    I run the latest drivers from nvidia (6th of May), 1.0005 and Vista 64Bit with a clean install of the game. your mod and float32 are installed. That´s it.

    Any idea of what´s going on?

  143. @Niko, if you have GTX 260, you shouldn't use float32, it was designed to help run game on lesser hardware like 7 series, check SkyGRAPHICS description in the summary. To get rid of shadow glitches, change this lines in user.ltx:

    r2_sun_near 20.
    r2_sun_near_border 1.

    @xidekeen, doesn't have to be exact, just close to the end, but not quite.

    @David, I took a lot of heat for making the night pitch black when mod first came out, so I literally created the moon, it's not always there, just wait it out.

    @Andre, in what what language is your game?

  144. I have the same problem as Andre: After the logos, the game crashes. Sometimes with an error message, sometimes without. It crashes with and without the patch 1.32.
    I bought the game in Germany, but have installed it in English...

  145. Ahh! It wasn't patched. Now it works great. Thanks for your excellent work!

  146. Great mod, incredible amount of effort put into this! Big thanks!

  147. r2_sun_near 20.
    r2_sun_near_border 1.

    worked fine with my shadow problem. Awesome! Thanks man. Keep up the good work!

  148. Same crash as Andre here. I had the mod working before without a hitch, but my main HD died and I've had to reinstall Vista. Everything is back and and working on a new drive (and other games run fine) but this mod now seems to kill Stalker.

    Any ideas? I'm not running any other mods, and I'm running a GTX260. The only real difference could be that the Nvidia drivers I'm running (I think) are newer than the ones I had before.

  149. My game is installed in English.

    I patched the game, but in this order:

    1.0001; 1.0003; 1.0004; 1.0005;

    Should I have updated it to 1.0005 only?

  150. I had, I think, the same problem as Niko above with corrupted shadows at the sides of the screen. Tweaking the user.ltx file with the r2_sun_near numbers has fixed this issue, so I'd just like to say thanks.

    However, I'm not using FLOAT32. It's a vanilla install, patched to 1.005, and I had exactly the same problem on both Win 7 x64 and Vista x64 (both using latest nVidia drivers).

    I think this problem is related to 64 bit operating systems as Niko mentioned above he is also using x64.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

  151. Hey, when I went through the underground tunnel and nearing to the end were you have to go up the sprial stairs. I noticed some of the enemies shadow appearing right under me without them being seen anywhere and they also managed to see me some how. Any way to fix this bug?

  152. FANTASTIC Mod.

    Really appreciate the effort that has been put into this and it does indeed make the game much more enjoyable as well as a joy to look at.

    Look forward to future updates and here's hoping something similar comes out for Clear Sky.

    Keep up the great work :)

  153. Hi,
    I recently installed your mod, but I'm not sure it is installed correctly.

    Some things are definitely different to vanilla but I do not get the Main Menu Screen as in your Blog. Just the old vanilla screen with a hint to the ZRP Mod.

    Is there a way to check if your mod is installed completely and working as intended?

    I'm running the German version of SoC including patch 1.006.


  154. After several tries and a complete reinstall of the game (english language) and patches only until 1.0005 it looks like the mod is now installed as intended. I even got the new Main Menu screen.


  155. This game just became so much harder for some damn reason afer i installed this patch. What the hell. How to make it easirer?

  156. Put it on an easier difficulty? Increase your skill? I'm sure there's a way, but...

  157. Im playing the easiest mode and its like if you get hit twice your dead. I'm in the part where you get out of the sewers after the psionic dude and your supposed to get the papers. Man after i get out, so many guards. They kill you so fast.

  158. @Yo, try this, open this file with notepad:

    change this value from 300 to 10:
    hit_probability_max_dist = 300;

  159. Thanks alot. Thats way better

  160. This is great mod! STALKER looks so much better! Unfortunately I can't really enjoy it because of constant stuttering.

    When I start the game things work fine for the first few minutes and then it starts to stutter every 2-3 seconds. If I continue to play stuttering happens more and more frequently. Even if I stand in place and don't move the mouse. Hard drive is constantly working at that moment.

    I tried -noprefetch but it didn't help. Disabling the mod removes the stutter but then it's just the plain old game. :(

    I'm using HD4750 with 512MB VRAM on 3800+ Athlon X2 with 2 GB RAM on Vista x64. Could it be that 512 VRAM is not enough? :(

  161. Is this a bug. When you first meat freedom and go their base, after u talk with the leader on the second floor. I knived him then the guys next to him. Then knived everyone else. I shot one dude and the mission failed. Lol. Just knive em. This a bug?

  162. @lukeguy

    I also suspect your 512MB V-card is the problem with the "stutter" issue.

    No problems here with a 280GT and 4GB of system RAM.

  163. Thanks for the reply. I thought as well (especially because of all HDD activity). But it would be a shame to lose all that beautiful textures by going to lower settings. :( Maybe 4 GB of system RAM would help (instead of current 2)?

  164. @lukeguy, I have an 8800GT 512MB card, and used to have a lot of stuttering as well. -noprefetch helped some, but it was still pretty choppy. Recently though I upgraded to Vista 64 (from XP 32), and my system now takes advantage of all 6GB RAM I have installed, and S:C runs like butter with the same video card,

    So yeah, adding some RAM might help you out since you're on a 64-bit OS, and it's really cheap these days.

  165. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AWESOME SHIT?! Holy balls of the motherfucking gods, YOU SIR are officially the winrar of the internets.

  166. Hi I sent you a email reguarding strange verticle black lines im getting when i install the mod. I forgot to mention my sys specs. Dual Core E6600, 2 Gig ram, Nvidia 7900GTX 512

  167. I'm glad I still have the 1.31 update. This bright @$$ moonlight is just annoying. Hard to use stealth movements at night as they can pretty much see you just as if it were day time. WTF!

    If you release 1.33, could you allow the brighter moonlit night be an option through the Modifier.exe

    Overall great mod compilation, very well done!

  168. Any of you guys having problem with the rain?
    When it's raining looks like the rain turns into a triangular screenpatch fest.
    I got my latest drivers for my 9800gtx.
    prolly I should try to mod the rain somehow.
    Which file is taking care of that?

  169. @Alfihar, 7900GTX doesn't support Shader 4.0, only 3.0, this mod uses shaders from Crysis, you can delete "shaders" folder from gamedata and install float32 for you configuration.

    @hivemind322, a lot of user were pissed at dark nights, I can do it optionally if I have time.

    @alt, someone had this, I think it was something to do with driver settings, not rain itself.

  170. Mod is absolutely wonderful. Game looks beautiful! I have two problems though. One, I still have this strange shadow that seems to follow me around and is cast on buildings off to my side and whatnot. I tried changing the two lines in user.ltx like you recommended but that didn't seem to help much. The other, bigger problem is that the game seems to freeze pretty it is trying to load the next area. It's not a constant stuttering, just a brief freezing. I don't remember this ever happening in vanilla stalker. I tried both with and without -noprefetch and it didn't make a difference. Im running two 8800GTX, quad core, and 4gb ram, so I don't think it would be my system. Any advice? Thanks

  171. BigA12989, keep increasing sun_near_border value if "1" doesn't solve the problem, like 1.1, 1.2.. the game stops rendering the scene behind your field of view, that shadow is the border.

  172. Thank you for a wonderful mod, great work

  173. pavel..
    the freeplay doesn't work for me.
    are there conditions or can it be enabled no matter what..

  174. @alt, once you load the game press ESC+T, pick last map and click equip

  175. I did all that..but no teleport..
    I guess I do not understand the whole thing how it supposed to work.. lol
    I used to write scripts for Neverwinter and run some other servers.. now.. I'm a total noob..lmao

  176. sez some quests failed, but when I try to find the exit I can't, and the place where I entered it won't let me out.
    must be some weird bug.
    any ideas?
    sry for the handholding lol
    feel like a 6 year old :P

  177. sry..I finally found that stupid door upstairs..
    I feel like an idiot
    thnx :)

  178. Wah, your mod brings back the nostalgia of waiting for STALKER years ago.. and now I finally get to play it at its full glory. Soooo purty with 2xAA on..

  179. Hi guys.
    does the teleport function works with the 1.6 patch? I've tried to teleport it never worked axcept when I stepped into a teleport vortex.
    It teleported me back to the trader and then I ended up in some other
    I still cannot get out of that stupid NNP map.
    The main entrance is closed and the teleport isn't funtcioning.
    is there a deatiled description how this freeplay mod should work and how does the teleport works without any restriction?
    prolly a bug somewhere, so I'm just gonna have start a new game and download a mod that disables the stupid story line altogether..:)

  180. @alt, Teleport function comes from Zone Reclamation Project 1.05, there's a lot of support for it on GSC forums and ZRP website:

  181. I've looked through all those sites and some.
    They are mentioning 2 exit from the inside,the ladder didn't work the door did and I ended up in a room where some ghosts dude wanted me to join,I said nay.
    then I got exited at the corner of the building by the broken stairs.I've killed all the guards, tried all the teleport.No luck.
    On one of the rooftops, one teleport sent me back to to the to the Cordon to see the trader only for a split second and I still ended up on some other place. I did that multiple times, no luck.
    I went back to the stairs on the corner building entered and it took me down the corridor,ahead the way it's bloked, to the right the door is inaccessible.
    I'm stucked at NPP forever.
    I did install the 1.6 patch st the start of the game before the mod.
    I'm not sure if it's prohibiting the freeplay mod or some other bug causing it.
    I'm sry guys ,but I'm out of ideas.
    Anyone pls?

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. I can't play the game when I start it there is a crash by bug type. Can anybody help me please ?

  184. Any update on the status on the new patch that will allow the merging of Complete with Arsenal mod?

  185. Hi artistpavel and other,
    Like a few others, stalker will not load once I install this mod. I am 100% positive I am installing the mod correctly as I have spent quite a few hours pouring through forums. I have tried on win 7 x64, vista x64 and xp x32 all with the same problem. Stalker will run fine without the mod, however I get the bugtrap error "XR_3DA.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module..." when the mod is installed.

    I have narrowed it down to the textures folder in the gamedata folder. If I remove the textures folder, the game will start and run until it crashed due to a missing texture (makes sense). Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Can anyone think of why my game wouldn't start with the textures folder present?

    Thanks very much.

  186. "Any update on the status on the new patch that will allow the merging of Complete with Arsenal mod?"

    This is what I'm waiting for as well..... :)

  187. Console kids who claim to be graphics whores, WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

  188. This comment has been removed by the author.

  189. ok, I've upgraded my RAM to 6 GB and everything works PERFECTLY! :) so 2 GB is too low for this mod to work.

    edit: one suggestion. if there is a patch/mod that leaves trader's doors always open - it would be great if it were included in future version. I ran into a bug where the door closes for some reason. it took some maneuvering to get it open.

  190. @Lukeguy : yes, it happened to me as well, I threw a grenade from the outside and the blow opened it... it looks like the door isn't considered as a "door" but as a kind of 3d model... you can't interact w/ it... lol

  191. FYI to those interested,
    I finally got Stalker Complete 2009 working. As I said above, the game would not start with the gamedata/textures folder present. I saw this fix for another issue somewhere, but I didn't make the connection until last night. What worked for me is deleting the "thumbs.db" file out of all the subfolders of textures. I found this file in the fx folder, the item folder, and the ui folder.

    Since these files come with the mod download, it is really interesting that only some people get game crashes. Not sure what is causing this, but hopfully this will work for others that are experiencing the bugtrap crash on startup.

    The mod looks great, fyi.

  192. Any ideas why I get these 1 sec pauses/skips/freezes?

    Win 7 64, 4gb ram, core2 3.2ghz, 9800gtx 512mb

    Awesome mod though

  193. Jonathan, the textures this mod is using are huge. It takes quite a while to load them from HDD. But IMHO 4 GB of RAM should be enough. Try using -noprefetch switch. On the other hand, maybe your HDD is slow.

  194. @Johnathan, when a freeze occurs hit the tilde key to bring up the console, and see if the game hasn't just "destroyed" a lot of cached assets and reloaded a new batch. Either that or see if there are any ogg comment errors or related errors being reported at the same time. Those are the two things I see when the game stutters like that.

  195. @Jonathan

    My guess would be the 512MB video card. BUT I haven't any experience with Win 7.......