Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Official Corel Painter Magazine Launches!

I'm really motivated to learn my new software of choice down to every nuance so I can be ready to contribute to the industry in the shortest period of time. Therefore I ordered first 2 issues of The Official Corel Painter Magazine. Launched in February 2007 (perfect timing) this is the only magazine in the world that's dedicated to the Corel Painter software.

Quote from Painter press release:

The magazine's tutorials provide step-by-step instruction on how to achieve a certain artistic
style, and there are targeted guides for tools and commands in the program, giving the readers
a better understanding of the software. Regular features examine a creative topic each issue
and the inspirational interviews give readers an insight into how professionals create their
jaw-dropping art.

My second book purchase was 'Digital Character Design and Painting' by Don Seegmiller as many artists have found it highly educational. Amazon.com reader's review:

This book is totally out of this world on the topic of character design. Very detailed and well thought out. I will definitely recommend it to designers and artists.

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