Monday, April 9, 2007

Kids Drawings Turned Into Professional Art

Great Renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci was looking for ideas watching wet fresco plaster, ancient Greeks were designing architectural details after natural flower forms proving that the timeless ideas are the ones provided by nature. But what is the best source of creativity in contemporary saturated world with constant demand for fresh ideas for games and movies? Artists from The Monster Engine turned their views on simple children drawings and repainted them with professional skills, look at them, the result will surprise you:

Drawings [drawergeeks]

Hey, game developers, looking for a killer character design? Check what your kids are expressing with crayons.


  1. What a very cool idea.
    I enjoy your blog sir.

  2. My daughter often draws butterflies, angels and hearts. And the boy draws the monsters and robots. These are not in detail. I've asked them to draw some more. This should encourage them to make art.