Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DeVore and Diana Night Show On Maxim Radio Sirius 108

My self-employed work schedule gets pretty hectic leading me to stay and paint in later hours. This is when my favorite show "DeVore and Diana" kicks in! "Eighty proof radio for men who love women, and the women who put up with their crap". Hosted by John DeVore who likes to be "b*lls deep in women" (former Maxim magazine Senior Writer) and completely opposite co-host Diana Falzone who is a delicate flower of Maxim radio, a good looking intelligent young woman who's voice heating up the airwaves every night, go check her Maxim photo shoot! Whatever they talk about, like news, relationship, weird stuff, just turns into fun. D&D style keeps my work hours and driving full of energy. Tune in Monday through Friday 7 pm - 11 pm ET if you have Sirius or sign up for free trial online.

Official website: []
Maxim photo shoot: []
Diana's website: []

John, you're the man of Dudocracy and the king of Bad Newzzz brodawg! (along with Dan Falzone)

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